Swap PRV for anything basically not working

Any idea when swap will be back up and running? I’m particularly interested in market swaps from PRV to BTC
(Please don’t say that they’re working fine. It’s been 90% down / failing on my swaps for a while now)


I was able to swap zil for usdt and usdt for zec & dash… prv swaps don’t seem right. I see a large sell limit order in for prv (at $0.10), but I tried swapping usdt for that and I was given a $0.1302 price

You’re lucky man if you got $.13

Somebody got to the .09 and .1 orders before I could. I also got .1302.

Same here. All my PRV swaps have failed or refunded over the past week.

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Please try to place Limit Orders which can be found at the top of the Trade screen.

I’ve done that but my order has remained an open order, even at a discounted rate. How much lower do I need to set my limit price when there is no liquidity?

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@Jared I think the issue is that we are not seeing any movement from the developers on getting this fixed. We have been told for months (year+ now?) to “please try to place a limit order”, which sounds like a workaround until the swap is fixed, but since we are not hearing any progress on this and it has been so long some of us are starting to worry that this will never get fixed.

It would be great if someone from the incognito team could ACTUALLY address this issue and provide a realistic timeline or update on when this will be fixed and what the future holds for trading of PRV

It is concerning that we are not seeing any movement on such a crucial issue.


I understand, I’ll speak with both the dev team and app team to see if we can get a solid answer on this.

We will be releasing the 2024 roadmap very soon. The team is working on finalizing it.


That is very well put and I would also add that this is not a nice to have function. It was a fully functional thriving ecosystem a year ago and now is relegated to limit orders on USDT swaps. Basically, nothing else works

.1 will work

Right, exactly. @Jared this should be the one and ONLY priority of the dev team. Its insane that this is still not working. One has to ask themselves… what has the dev team been doing the past year or so? Seems like nothing… because this should be what they are focused on…permanently fixing the swap and pdex.

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@jared any update on this? have you spoken to the devs yet?