[ISSUE] Trade Requests are not being fulfilled?

Hi Incognito Users,
Over the last 10 hrs I have tried on 3 separate occasions to swap PRV for USDT.
All 3 times have failed and the PRV was returned to my wallet (less the 0.1 PRV fee), but on every occassion I waited to see the 100% progress bar popup and I saw the “Trade Request” TX appear in my PRV wallet with “Status = Success” and a “Sender Seal” provided.

Are others experiencing any failed “Trade Request” transactions?

Hello @Linnovations,

It appears the recent app update to correct trade routes has impacted some trades from competing successfully.

While this is being fixed, please try to place a limit order instead with the buy/sell options under the trade screen.

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I’ve been having the same issue for over a week. Any ETA on when we’ll have a fix?

Please open a support ticket and provide us as much information you can. It helps speed up isolating the issues community users are seeing. If possible include a screenshot.

I had multiple failed swap transactions as well yesterday.

I’ve seen you mention “open a support ticket” multiple times, but there is no indication of how to do this. I’ve searched this forum, the main website, and the app.

Can you please instruct how one can “open a support ticket,” and perhaps post instructions for this where they can easily be found, maybe pinned in the Help section or the New Signup section of this forum?

Mine usually take 2 or 3 attempts to be completed. Just keep trying