Scalability Research on sharding, proof-of-stake, and pBFT. Privacy Research on linkable ring signature scheme, homomorphic commitment scheme, and zero-knowledge range proofs. Interoperability Research on achieving interoperability with other blockchains. Product
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2021 plan and dependencies for releasing fixed shard nodes

The Incognito network must eventually operate autonomously. One of the most important milestones is the release of fixed shard nodes, and a lot of work is being done in this department to ensure we can do so as soon as p…

3 November 25, 2020
Incognito Whitepaper: Incognito Mode for Cryptonetworks

Introduction: A Platform of Decentralized Privacy Coins ▾ Today, anyone can send BTC, ETH, and thousands of other cryptocurrencies to another party without going through a financial institution [Nakamoto, 2008; Buterin e…

8 July 31, 2020
Quest documentation: wheel and lottery

Quest is Incognito’s first pApp, and happily, it has received a great deal of attention. As it’s a game of skill and luck, we thought it’d be helpful to share some details pertaining to how Quest defines ‘luck’. Briefly…

14 November 28, 2020
[Call for feedback] pDEX single-sided liquidity design

Based on community feedback as well as core team research, there are 2 problems with the pDEX AMM mechanism. 1. Friction in liquidity provision - providers must contribute both sides of a pair. This requires LPs to forf…

7 November 27, 2020
Git Issue # 1359 7 November 24, 2020
Help us find a better way to shield ETH/ERC-20 assets 39 November 22, 2020
Incognito App service 2 November 16, 2020
Sending Cryptocurrencies Confidentially: Ring Signature, Homomorphic Commitment, and Zero-Knowledge Range Proofs 18 November 16, 2020
Maintaining your own bridge to Incognito 1 November 10, 2020
Future Work: Smart Contracts, Confidential Assets, Confidential IP, and more 5 November 12, 2020
Sha256 checksum for apk binary 4 November 9, 2020
Satoshi lab slip 44 2 November 9, 2020
Incognito-chain repository: which branch can I use to start working on the code base ? 9 November 8, 2020
Comparing two-way bitcoin pegs 3 October 24, 2020
Questions about Incognito tech 8 October 24, 2020
One-Time Address - Improve on privacy and pDEX performance 5 October 15, 2020
pEthereum Developer Tutorials - Level: Beginner

pApp: Message Board This document describes how to build a simple dapp and integrate it with the Incognito Broker smart contract. After the tutorial, you’ll be able to apply a similar technique to any other dapps. This t…

6 October 14, 2020
[Tutorial] How to receive all new transactions in a websocket connection 1 October 13, 2020
pEthereum Developer Tutorials

Learn to make privacy-protecting dapps with Incognito Mode SDK Welcome to the pEthereum developer tutorials. This document shows you how to build privacy-protecting decentralized applications (or “dapps”) with Incognito…

1 October 12, 2020
Incognito SDK 1 March 5, 2020
Trustless Custodians: A Decentralized Approach to Cryptocurrency Custodianship 19 October 4, 2020
Technical questions, Etherscan, fees, L2 5 October 4, 2020
Incognito mode for Ethereum 5 October 1, 2020
How a smart contract vulnerability was discovered and fixed 3 October 1, 2020
Portal’s API documentation 5 September 23, 2020
Scaling Blockchain Privacy with Dynamic Sharding 3 September 22, 2020
What's the difference between Incognito and Ren? 4 September 7, 2020
Has incognito implmented segwit for BTC? 2 September 4, 2020
What is Relaying BTC Header? 2 September 2, 2020
pDEX: The first privacy-protecting decentralized exchange 6 August 30, 2020