Incognito Network Explorer v.2

Hi everyone!

As stated in the Q2 2022 Roadmap, we would like to introduce to our community the new Network Explorer built by Incognito core-dev team.

Explorer v2 will have a new UI structure and provide users with more insightful information including trading charts, blockchain info, network info, crypto assets statistics, and so on.

:loudspeaker: :speaking_head: May 27, 2022: We’re so excited to announce that version 1.0 of Explorer v2 is launched!

:link: You can access the explorer via this link:

Take a quick glance at the UI

What’s released in version 1.0:

:+1: Homepage: Overview of Network, Privacy exchange, and PRV information.

:+1: Blockchain section: where users can explore information about:

  • Beacon chain

  • Shards chain

  • Transactions

  • Pending transactions in mempool

:+1: Shielded coins section: where users can explore information about:

  • Shielded transactions

What’s next?

In version 2.0, some more useful information will be added:

  • % change of some parameters to measure the growth of Incognito network.

  • New section: Privacy exchange with Trades, Markets (Trade volume), and Liquidity pools.

  • UI improvement.

Note: Explorer v.2 is still in development time. New features and improvements will be released in upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!


Kudos to @Corncob and @lam for help building up the explorer! :construction_worker_man: :construction_worker_man:

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Blocks to the next epoch?

You can find that information on

There have been talks to merge these two pages.

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I don’t see any pDEX tab

There is pDEX (Privacy Exchange) information on the home page of

What information are you looking for?

none of trading detail I can find

The Privacy Exchange tab is being in developed atm and will be released soon. :slight_smile:

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can I access the old explorer?

Unfortunately no. The old explorer was replaced with this new one v2. More tabs will be coming soon, including trades details.

it’s better if you still keep the old version functioning while letting the beta being tested


Explore version 2.0: New Release :speaker: :loudspeaker: :star:

Hey everyone, the Network Explorer is updated and here are some improvements:

  • UI improvements for better UX.
  • Explorer is now ready to view on mobile devices.
  • We’ve added % 24h change of some main parameters to measure the growth of Incognito network.
  • New section: Privacy Exchanges and Shielded coins.

What’s next?

Okey, what to expect to see in the next releases?

  • Token list :prv: :polygon: :tether: :fantom: :dai: :usdc:

  • Charts! :chart_with_upwards_trend: :chart_with_downwards_trend: :bar_chart:

We are currently building the charts of Trade volumes, Liquidity, Prices, TVL, Shielding volume, and Network Validators. Once they’re added to the explorer, you will be able to observe the changes in key features, get the insights you want, and evaluate the growth of the Incognito project.

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Yes, please :slight_smile:

Let me summarize it.

1- Not “block height” of the corresponding shard but “block height” of the beacon since pDEX runs beacon-wise.

2- “Sold Amount | Sold Token | Bought Amount | Bought Token” layout would be better. The current setup makes understanding difficult.

3- Merging the txs of trade request and response. Currently, if a trade is accepted, two rows exist for that trade.

Finally, my layout suggestion is:

Time Created | Beacon Height of Trade Response | Sold Amount | Sold Token | Bought Amount | Bought Token | Accepted/Rejected | Trade Request Link | Trade Response Link


Happy? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So happy :slight_smile:

What is type? Trade Request or Trade Response?

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Ah, that will be either Request or Response.
Also, we’re adding the Request link to the Tx Details page right below the Response, look like this:

Same as your suggestion



From my side, I can’t promise when devs will have time to adjust the current layout to that new one (design is ready as I showed you). However, until I reply to your post, I just couldn’t sleep well, so… :rofl: :joy:

Anw, thanks for your suggestion. That makes sense!


Update :tada:

Guys! We made some updates to the Network Explorer. Check it out!

  • New layout for Trades table.

  • Search verified token information by tokenID/ name/ symbol.