Buy and Sell Crypto without KYC

Hello, I have just discovered this Swiss company which offers interesting services for our confidentiality.
It even offers integration with other projects.

Here is the link:

Play store app link:


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I just tested, USDT purchase , works wonderfully.
Use of an online “SMS” disposable telephone number paid with my grandmother’s credit card, birthday present :grin::joy:
All under IP protection with Mysterium VPN

A great project on ETH chain that I follow and use since its beginning.
It would also be interesting to integrate it into our project, it is very inexpensive and better than a Tor proxy integration.

His developer “Jaro” has a lot of ideas, his first Blockchain project relates to his life time, page to consult, I love the concept


Thank you @CryptodroiD, we were looking for a such solution before, will check that out tomorrow.

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