Privacy Research on linkable ring signature scheme, homomorphic commitment scheme, and zero-knowledge range proofs. Product Delve into the tech behind the tools of the Incognito ecosystem Interoperability Research on achieving interoperability with other blockchains. Scalability Research on sharding, proof-of-stake, and pBFT.
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Incognito Whitepaper: Incognito Mode for Cryptonetworks

Introduction: A Platform of Decentralized Privacy Coins ▾ Today, anyone can send BTC, ETH, and thousands of other cryptocurrencies to another party without going through a financial institution [Nakamoto, 2008; Buterin e…

34 May 19, 2021
Incognito web-based applications

Hi everyone, In this topic, we will introduce you the structure of Incognito extension and other web-based apps which we plan to launch in Q2 2022. Read Q2 roadmap > Incognito wallet extension Incognito extension is …

7 May 16, 2022
Creating new keychains by API or cli 13 May 11, 2022
Incognito new products

Hello everyone, In this topic we’d like to discuss with you on products (besides infrastructure improvements) we plan to build for Incognito in the Q2. The products intend to serve end-user’s needs and it’s always helpf…

2 May 10, 2022
Auto withdraw when receiving money on the wallet 4 May 8, 2022
Introducing new database mode 10 April 26, 2022
Terra Money vs Near Protocol 4 April 24, 2022
The Incognito <> Fantom bridge

:wave: Hi everyone, We are so pleased to announce that the Incognito <> Fantom bridge is now live. As you know, Incognito is the privacy blockchain. Apart from privacy, interoperability is also a key component of Inc…

2 May 9, 2022
Incognito - Polygon Bridge

Incognito - Polygon bridge is the next Incognito bridge. After bridging to 11 major blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum, BSC, etc,…), we want to continue bringing privacy to those who hold MATIC or tokens on the Polygon netwo…

15 April 20, 2022
What privacy? 41 April 11, 2022
API for app section Provide 2 March 24, 2022
pCurve - Swap stable coins anonymously on Polygon 1 March 17, 2022
pUniswap - Swap anonymously with Polygon’s leading exchange 3 March 7, 2022
Block Production V3 6 March 5, 2022
How do I make a cold wallet? CLI options unavailable 4 February 23, 2022
Work in progress: unified privacy tokens and interoperable apps

Incognito’s goal is to deliver privacy, not just for digital assets, but also the financial applications that give them utility. Those who follow Incognito development will have seen the dev team working on certain build…

6 February 21, 2022
Work in progress: One-time Shielding Addresses 14 February 21, 2022
Temporary address 3 February 18, 2022
Introducing Staking Flow V3 24 February 14, 2022
Use Cases: Privacy Stablecoins, Privacy DEX, Confidential Crypto Payroll, and more 2 February 8, 2022
Two issues with 2 February 4, 2022
(Solved) incognito-cli checking a fractional balance 15 February 2, 2022
[Shipped] Automatically enable protocol update 3 January 26, 2022
Network Incentive: Privacy (PRV) Mining & Distribution 6 January 22, 2022
pPancake - Trade anonymously with massive liquidity 3 January 15, 2022
Create a wBTC/BTC pair 1 January 15, 2022
Introducing Incognito CLI and Golang SDK (version 2) 10 January 10, 2022
New v5 app much slower 8 January 8, 2022
New PRV/XMR and PRV/BTC pools severely off-peg?! 16 January 5, 2022
Introducing the new pDEX (pDEX v3) 75 January 4, 2022