Introducing Privacy Inscriptions Platform: Share Your Feedback!

Hey everyone,

We are excited to announce the Testnet version of our highly anticipated Inscriptions platform! :tada: Dive into and get a firsthand experience of the power of on-chain data storage.

Inscription Features:

:fountain_pen: Create Your Own Inscription!
Start crafting your own inscription with an easy-to-use interface. Simply write your title, add some details, and you’re done!

:scroll: Inscription Gallery!
Explore a collection of inscriptions in a stylish table or list format. Each inscription has its own unique story waiting to be discovered.

:mag: Discover Inscription Details
Want to know more about an inscription? Just click and find out! From the title to the author’s favorite color, get all the interesting details in a convenient pop-up.

:male_detective: Personal Inscription Collection
Login into your incognito web wallet to access and view your own collection of inscriptions.

:gift: Gift an Inscription!
Share the love by sending an inscription to a friend. Choose your inscription, provide your friend’s details, and click ‘Send’. It’s like passing secret notes, but in the digital age!

Try It Out :raised_hands:

  1. Go to

  1. Create a wallet. You’ll need a wallet to get started with Inscriptions.

  1. Click Skip for now since you’ll be importing a private key soon.

Click on your wallet in the top right, click on settings, then click import a private key. Use one of the keys listed below (*). When asked, click Sure to resync the wallet.

  1. After successfully syncing your wallet you will be able to click the blue Inscribe button.

  1. You’ll have a window where you can Inscribe. Keep in mind that only jpg, jpeg, png, html, pdf and json files are allowed. The maximum file size is 500 KB. Each KB costs 1 PRV.

  1. Lastly, view your inscribed asset at My Inscriptions and simply transfer them as gift to your friend by click Send Inscription

PRV Testnet Wallets (*)

Feel free to use one of the following wallets to use some Testnet PRV to try out inscriptions. Please be mindful of the amount you use so others can try out inscriptions too.

#Account 1
"PrivateKey": "112t8rnYLv8j73z9zfkkZsYBdcVCZMtvSW3rAmaa3k7ha9HvrLgDx9NV8vFbjDRDy4bWbPcfQ4RejGC7CiiA8p1mgiNru8W28uTmKhknEypW"
#Account 2
"PrivateKey": "112t8rnXgazUe8Mb8uzHh3r3AATdqf2N69jHUAiakzMH4Ao2MqfcwiUdrQzMw9q87ub8wh1U42CTmmFwEJUFrmH6yCJoGk91JG3phvEKQxKd"
#Account 3
"PrivateKey": "112t8rnZeKUstU3RdYrRBcrsUMymEi5THd9VP5xbjh2pSL5QjnJBCfupWJZX27JYzCdytFi6SvCummMKQrxazA9cFEBp8h4erDzFp29qRBAw"
#Account 4
"PrivateKey": "112t8rnf5QM6PoUnGZrcRDTj4wptzMXteK94fw5EogaUqsKCPuLaKVurWCGaW1sQTskDBfwzE3rPEPdpruC3uHmLEGQ7g3h1QJY8x4bC8eUq"

Your feedback, thoughts, and suggestions will be the guiding stars as we refine and perfect. So, explore, experiment, and let us know what you think!

Happy Inscribing! :star2:


Hey guys,

We are pleased to announce that our Privacy Inscription Explorer now includes a new feature: Report Inappropriate Image. If you encounter any images that you believe are inappropriate, you can now report them using this function.

If you would like to proceed with viewing the file, simply click the “View” button.

As always, we value your feedback and welcome any suggestions or comments you may have.

PS: Oh, and did I mention that the inscription fee will be allocated to the committee validator? :beers: