Auto withdraw when receiving money on the wallet

Hey guys.

I am implementing a small NodeJS service which communicates with Incognito blockchain. What I want to achieve is to automatically withdraw funds programatically (BTC, ETH, …) as soon as they arrive to the wallet.

Does Incognito offer some events or other instruments which I can use in my app to trigger the withdrawal process as soon as money arrive to the wallet? Of course, I can just launch my app and poll Incognito once a minute but I don’t like this idea.

Withdrawing BTC and ETH is rather expensive right now due to network fees and Incognito dealing with a smart contract. It sounds like your intentions are to use Incognito as a money laundering service. Incognito was not designed to be used as this and will not offer you any privacy if you use it in this fashion.

For example, if you send 3 BTC to your Incognito wallet and then have a script to automatically withdrawal the 3 BTC to another wallet it would be extremely easy for someone to see the 3 BTC come into the network and then exit the network.


How often do you expect to deposits? Maybe 1 minute loop is a bit too much. Unless you are scamming people and want to move the money out as fast as possible. Jared is right though, apart from the fees, these transactions will be highly traceable in this timeframe.