We need onion-routing solutions

I like this network but it’s crazy theres no IP obfuscation on the wallet or on nodes hosting.
This network need TOR/I2P, by using these, you really hide that you use incognito.

So when a proxy integration in wallets ?
So people just need to run orbot or i2pd and switch on the proxy in settings.

And why not a TOR/I2P endpoint for the public node to ensure anonymity of newcomers


I think it’s best to use windscribe.com on the phone then use the app I think vpn integration will just slow things down more

I would’nt advise this. Anonymity ≠ Privacy.
Yes you can hide the fact you use TOR/I2P with a VPN/Proxy, but have TOR/I2P by default on the app is essential to correctly anonymise your network traffic.

It makes the concept shady and can make authorities believe in money laundering on inconito, the obfucation option and thor can be obtained with a correct vpn

Money laundering is complete FUD on privacy and anonymity. And it’s kinda fucked to broadcast txns confidential transactions over clearnet instead of a obfuscated network.