Weekly Privacy Newsletter - 1.12.21

If this week’s update is anything to go by, it looks like you’ve been hard at work. The crypto industry is rapidly evolving, and we’re keeping privacy ahead of it together.

The pDEX got an upgrade that gives you more control this week. You made Incognito accessible to more parts of the world. We shared key details on new projects in the latest call. More builder projects were started. In just one week, the privacy community has become more cohesive and effective in not just preserving privacy, but sharing it.

Here are a few examples of that:

Member updates

Development updates

  • We upgraded the pDEX! Be sure to update your app in the app store for access.

  • December Builder Rewards are in! Check out the results.

  • Builder Rewards v1 has finished! Here’s the program overview.

  • There’s a new PRV faucet, for all your faucety needs.

  • If you’re a risk-taker, take a look at these two PRV gambling projects. One by Disco, one by Bird.

There’s not a single person that wouldn’t benefit from privacy. Crypto is beginning to serve its purpose in the world, meeting needs it was designed for. But privacy is what crypto needs, and you are what privacy needs.

Keep up the great work, and keep sharing your ideas and questions around the forum.

Have a meaningful week,