Thoughts on a provably fair gambling site powered by $PRV?

Hello everyone, I’ve wanted to do this for a while and recently discovered a version of the SDK in Go which has enough features for me to go ahead and start this project.

I was wondering what your thoughts on a provably fair gambling site powered by $PRV would be: would you use one, any suggestions, etc…?

Currently what I have planned in the spirit of privacy is a very minimalistic signup/login process, where you will be assigned a UUID similar to Mullvad & SatoshiMines allowing you to log in and start gambling, as well as an option 6 digit PIN for an extra layer of security.

Apart from that, I was thinking of modelling it similar to this gambling site I used to use back in the day, it’s very simple and has no unnecessary features.

It would have a 1.5% house edge fee, and offer a chat experience where users with randomized nicknames will be able to communicate after depositing.

And if the site is received well, I also have had the idea of offering multi currency support, such as gambling with pBTC, pETH alongside PRV.

If the community (you) would enjoy an idea like this in the eco-system let me know, I should be able to complete the backend in a reasonably short time, and then find a good frontend developer to create a nice experience for you all.

Anyway, let me know - Thanks!

Edit: This is also another simple minimalistic website I had in mind, I would like to go with a black/white or white/black so it matches the Incognito branding.


I think it can be great.
What you have in mind about the fees(deposit/withdraw) or any limitation?

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Regarding the fees, it’ll be using the regular PRV fees which are extremely low, they confirm very fast and I won’t be charging a fee to take money out.

Regarding deposits there’ll be no limit but there will be a max bet limit so that the bankroll isn’t drained by a whale overnight.

Made some good progress today, will keep updating as I go - I may end up giving it a shot making the website myself, learn some basic bootstrap and set something up :slight_smile:


I’m not aware of any gambling site where you have no limit for a minimum bet and, if you have no restrictions on that, it’s already something cool and unique new to try out.

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Since I’ll be having a faucet feature built in, I’ll make sure they can put every micro-penny on the line :sweat_smile:

I’ve successfully made the dice logic + withdraw/depositing working, I’ve also got in touch with a friend who makes a very nice to look at frontend, I’ll keep you all updated.


I think it would be a great idea



a small preview of what the colour scheme will be like - nothing close to done yet, but a rough idea how the end product should look like.

will have columns for bets at the bottom, balance in the top right & a bunch more to make it a nicer experience :slight_smile:


A further update on the backend progress today:

  • each user who logs in with uuid will have the choice to set a 6 digit passcode, withdrawals and logins will require this passcode

  • you will be able to randomize your on-site nickname (two random words generated by the server) with profiles, statistics & chat coming in the future too

  • the user will be able to set their own client seed in the client, request a new server seed and be provided a script to verify it’s provably fair

I’ll be releasing a new frontend update tomorrow, the idea behind the site is fairly simple and should hopefully be done soon.

I also plan to use a good bit of any revenue generated in order to market the coin to a wider audience in form of an animated video or something similar, since a big thing I noticed is when first approaching the coin people are often sceptical but when reading further into it they are often interested and likely to invest or use the project.


Cool idea, looking forward


another small development update!


interface & bet history will look something like that, and will also be fully mobile responsive


it’s taking a bit longer due to us having classes and also some other projects on the side that we’re working on, i’ll keep updating as it goes though and i predict it to be done sometime during the weekend :slight_smile:

ideas/suggestions are also appreciated in-case there is anything you wish to see, for release or the future!

Edit: For those looking for an update, there was one since then but the developer may not have time to finish it off due to schoolwork, I’ll be looking for some other developer in the meanwhile to finish off the work thusfar!


This looks interesting :scream:.
Keep it up :grin:.