Builder Reward Results (December)

Hey folks,

The December Builders vote is complete. It’s also the end of version 1 of the Builder Rewards Program. Thank you all for following up with the program throughout 2020, exploring all the products, giving valuable feedback, and coming up with constructive ideas.

We would especially like to say thank you to all community builders who have been consistently building and improving these great products for the incognito family. You’re an inspiration! :black_heart:

December results

Here are the results of the December vote:



The reward pool for December is 25,000 PRV! Rewards will be distributed to builders’ Incognito addresses shortly. Please check your balance regularly and let us know once you receive your payout. :slight_smile:

Congratulations to all builders and thanks so much for making contributions to the growth of Incognito. You guys are not only the owners of your own projects, but also share in ownership of Incognito as a whole.

What’s next?

As stated earlier in this post, the open voting format of the Builder Rewards Program has been a 7-month experiment. What we’ve learned from BRP v1 will be our reference for imagining what BRP v2 will look like.

Later this month, a summary of the program will be made available, along with the new rules for funding. Everyone is also encouraged to join in the January PRV Holders Call this week to share your thoughts with us about this initiative.

2021 is a new year ready for new ideas. We hope to see more and more cool products introduced in 2021!

See you around! :raised_hands:




I’m practicing :laughing:


Thank you guys so much. I truly appreciate every vote.


Thank you. :slight_smile:I really appreciate your builder support! :muscle: