RECAP - January PRV Holders Call

During the January PRV Holders call, quite a few cats were let out of their respective bags.

After answering your questions, @andrey and @duc shared a demo of the official Incognito web extension (which is nearly ready for launch), and discussed how it will make Incognito more flexible and friendly to builder projects.

They also revealed a first look at Builder Rewards v2, plans for community governance/releasing the network, plans for an Incognito p2p lending platform, and even the possibility of an Incognito stablecoin. It’s not a call you’ll want to miss!

For those of you who participated in the call, thank you for sharing your ideas with us. They ranged from tax-compliance features to increasing builder documentation, and much more.

If you missed it, you can watch it below, but I’d highly recommend joining the next call!

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Call intro - 2:00

Presentation intro - 5:13

December achievements - 7:28

January goals - 11:02

Builder Rewards v1 results - 21:29

Q&A - 22:49

Web extension demo - 1:11:20

In previous calls, we had to restrict Q&A sessions due to time constraints. Thanks to @Elena’s speedy yet informative presentation, in this call, the Q&A was the star! With developers present and plenty of questions, the nearly hour-long session was packed with great discussion.

What’s next?

There will be another PRV Holders Call at the beginning of February. As discussed in this month’s call, however, we’ll have a separate informal hangout where we can actively discuss the nitty-gritty details of making progress for privacy together. It will be announced shortly.

I hope you’ll join us for both!

Keep your eye on the community category for announcements on both upcoming calls, and in the meantime, feel free to organize your own calls, post ideas, and jump in conversations around the forum.

The privacy forum is yours, so feel free to own it!