[Survey] Quality of Support Team

Hey guys,

A new year has started, so we want to know how we did last year. The Support Team is here to support you, so your feedback is the most valuable resource when it comes to improving our efforts.

So now, let me ask: How do you feel about the Incognito Support Team? Do we rock? Do we suck?

In the polls below you can rate the quality of our work anonymously. We won’t take offense at negative or critical responses, but please be civil if you leave a comment.

How do you feel about the success rate of the Support Team in resolving your issues?

  • Fantastic
  • Pretty good
  • Acceptable
  • Poor
  • Terrible

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How informative are the Support Team’s answers to your questions?

  • Extremely informative
  • Informative
  • Lacking information
  • Not informative at all
  • They never answer me :frowning:

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Are you happy with the Support Team?

  • Extremely happy
  • Very happy
  • Somewhat happy
  • Disappointed
  • Terribly frustrated

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Is it easy to get help from the Support Team?

  • Extremely easy
  • Very easy
  • Somewhat easy
  • Hard
  • Is there even a support team?

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Remember when you first joined the community? Did you feel a warm welcome or left to fend for yourself?

  • Extremely warm and welcomed
  • Warm and welcomed
  • Welcomed
  • Not welcomed
  • It’s like I was stranded in a barren desert, the sandy dunes my only companion

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What do you believe we can do better? What should we keep doing?

Do you have any ideas about improving the Support Team? Where do you think we are lacking the most? What do we do well?

Leave your suggestions in the comments below, or send us a private message @support. Thanks for supporting the Support Team! (No pun intended :joy: )



:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


Let’s have Esperanto as another language for posts.

Lol, I’m the first one in the hole forum to say the Esperanto word.


Extremely satisfied


Wanna be one of our Support team members for this special language? :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:


I have never seen such a bad support :joy:


Personally I think support tickets should not be done through this forum. It’s complicated and not the usual process for websites to go through.

But the support has been usually great here, except for some snide remarks here and there. Not everyone knows the process the team wants them to go through so when someone submits the information incorrectly, it’s frustrating to the support team as well as the end user.

But in the end–I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think the team was trustworthy, helpful, and really trying to keep my fund safe.


It wasn’t exactly last year, since I just signed up like 10 days ago, but I’ve had my share of needing help from support on two different occasions. Both times they went so above and beyond to help it was an awesome experience! These are stand up folks and I’m here to stay. Can’t say enough about you guys, nice work and awesome team! Thank you to each and every one of you.


Used support several times now cause I made some basic and sometimes serious mistakes, and have never been disappointed by support so far. In all cases I was helped. Also, very responsive helpers!


@marko Thanks for the feedback.

What do you believe would be the correct or seamless process to get support? We are always looking for ways to improve.

We are very happy to have you and thank you for the kind words.


@rocky_mtn :raised_hands: Glad to have you and thank you for the love!


Any constructive criticism as well?


The support folks are doing a great job as far as I have seen. So keep it up! The only constructive criticism, would be to make it easier for new users who are not familiar with the forum to know where to go to contact support directly with an issue. Currently you need to look around a bit and find the post that lists how to contact support. A direct link on the top bar, or in the hamburger menu icon would make that easier.


The photo of the Telegram group and channel could be better:
Only the photo of Incognito Builders group looks nice.


Zendesk seems to be the most commonly used help section I see almost everywhere. You can organize FAQ topics which are helpful because people know it’s from an ‘official source’. Using this forum to find trustworthy answers was the single biggest hardship I experienced as an ingonito newcomer. Now I know the usernames of the people I trust and also know that the team has a special shield next to their name. None of this is obvious to newcomers.

Next zendesk allows people to submit support tickets. What they type is filtered by the FAQ and it might suggest the answer to someones question before submitting a ticket.

Users submitting tickets can tagged in categories and subcategories and go to the right people. Tickets can be marked solved or referred to someone else. If the customer/user replies, the ticket is re-opened. It’s very easy for all parties to use.

There are probably other solutions—but I encounter zendesk with probably 90% of my support interactions over the last 12 months. There has to be a reason why.

My other issue with the current system is that it ties my forum identity to my support requests. Sure it’s just a screen name but this forum but I have to censor my frustrations sometimes because if I ever need help (especially by my own mistake) maybe the support team won’t help me because I’m I say something they don’t like here on the forum. Incongito has my funds, and especially if there are any problems, Incognito support is the only ones that can help. *I’m not saying you guys explicitly do this but it’s a concern of mine.


Hey Jose, can you please tell us more about your suggestion in terms of profile pics? They’re all black holes so far :see_no_evil:

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Hey @marko I do agree that Zendesk is widely used and common on most platforms. We have tried Zendesk in the past and it was actually great!

At that moment the team decided that transparency is key, so we wanted different issues/questions/concerns to be recorded and fixed publicly. If anyone else had a similar issue they could search the forums and find what worked in the past.

By doing this, we also incentivize other users jumping and lending a hand.
That’s the reason we moved away from Zendesk and want a more organic approach to support.

With that said, we are always looking into ways to improve and make the process as seamless as possible.

Regarding the forum screen name, we love you all equally :smiley:

I would write this months months ago but I was too lazy :slight_smile: I had given up.

I think he implies narrow white frames. Please notice that the logo of Builders groups is pure black, the others are not.


Oh @J053 @abduraman Nice catch!


There are some on the team that do not agree with you. I’ve been told that there is a bad habit of tagging support when someone posts a real need for support. I figured this was a good thing because the community can filter it and see if we can solve the problem first (we usually can). But I was told this is not what the support wanted.

However, your statements contradict this perhaps. The community wants to help–but sometimes support is really needed. We should ask you @support guys/gals a survey of sorts: What are your biggest pain points in dealing with us, the users? Do you have any “pet peeves”? Let’s brainstorm together how to make it better for all.

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