Manage your crypto anonymously

This is a multi-currency, multi-purpose privacy wallet. Send and receive assets anonymously. Buy and sell confidentially without KYC. Enable privacy for all your cryptocurrencies and all your crypto activities.

More than $385,321,714 has been shielded (deposited) into the Incognito network and more than $484,740,187 has been traded on the Incognito network since Nov 2019 (as of 4/19/2022).

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Trade your crypto anonymously

One tap to access completely anonymous, cross-chain trading. Incognito doesn’t hold your funds and or any of your information. KYC is not just a violation of privacy – it’s a security risk. Your keys, your ID, your money.

Privacy Apps (pApps)

Incognito currently has 3 pApps which can be used privately via the Incognito app. Trade confidently on Pancake Swap, Uniswap, or Curve without having to worry about who’s viewing your transactions.

Send and receive without a trace

Wipe your activity off public ledgers. Hide your balances. Obscure your addresses. Transact any amount of any currency – completely anonymously, at near zero fees. Stop leaving breadcrumbs. Protect your privacy.

The Incognito Wallet is open-source and developed in public view. It is the combined effort of 12 developers and tens of thousands of active app users.

Check out our GitHub:

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Will there be any web based wallet coming along?


Hi @anon8296499, there will be a web-based wallet in the near future. We are still working on the design. We can’t wait to share the design for the Web Wallet with the community once it is ready. Please stay tuned.


I notice a wallet which is quite interesting. The faucet is connected to the wallet and you just need to go to the faucet section of the wallet to get some coins. I feel this will really help in cutting down the time of send PRV to those who want to fully test out incognito wallet features.


Hi everyone, the team had a hustling week to fix the following bugs:

  • The Node screen keeps loading
  • The screen is lapped over and over on Android

Moreover, we add a reminder message to make sure your BNB withdrawal will be processed smoothly.

Let’s update your app and share your feedback!

We are also working on a completely new Home screen and Security feature which will go live expecting next week. Stay tuned!


Hi everyone, it’s been a particularly busy week for the wallet team.

This week, we’ve squished some critical bugs and released a completely new UI for the app based on user feedback. This has been in the works for some time, and we’re so excited to hear what you think!


We bounced around some ideas here, took on board some feedback, and will continue to do so in future iterations. So please let us know what you think! The wallet will always be a work in progress towards something we all love.

Next week, we’ll focus on improving the Full Node’s capability and of course… fix any bugs that may arise.


Hi everyone, hope you all had a good week!

Some annoying bugs were fixed last week. We also improved our UI/ UX for more convenience. Most importantly, you can use 1750 PRV to stake with your pNode from now. What do you think about this update? Let the wallet team know what you think in the comments below!

See also: You have an app update:

Next week, we will start with some features such as the Address book for Sender/ Receiver, Face ID for security, and Incognito Staking pool.

Catch you later :blush:


Good day everyone! Some minor bugs were fixed last week. We also released Face ID & Address book features to make it more safe and convenient to use the app.
See also: You have an app update: 3.6.4

There were some delays around withdrawal during the last 24 hours. We are working on it, thanks for your patience guys. Don’t worry, your funds are still safe!

Next week, we will start working with the notification system and the Uniswap. Stay tuned!


Hey, it’s Friday! How are things in your place? Its been a tough week for us: Building- implementing - testing - fixing bugs. We decided to spend more time on improving the current features so there are no new releases this week :frowning_face: but, keep an eye out for better performance of what we already have.

Also, a brand new Notification system, price chart, and Help button will be live next week. Keep watching!


Wallet weekly update March 23 - March 29

Hello everyone, we come back this week with 2 continuous updates: & It is well worth your wait!

What’s fixed:

  • API withdrawal issue
  • Address book’s UI
  • “Missing account - undefined” error message on the Node screen

What’s new:

  • New UI for Setup Node
  • Re-access to the pApp feature
  • Add Feedback section
  • Add Withdrawal warning message for the smart contract address
  • Add 2 field symbols: Contract address for ETH/ ERC20 token & Deposit transaction history

Let’s restart the wallet app and tell us what you think about this update!


Dear Incognito Team,
I am pretty stoked about your achievements here, and I absolutely want to get a Node and use your wallet. But I do not own a smartphone!
I know, right?

So I need access to a computer applicable wallets. Do you have this yet? And if not, will you? When and in which way?

Should I order a Node already bevause you deliver a wallet for me soon?

I wish health and fortune to you and your families. Thank you for advancing the Crypto-Space in such a innovative way!

All the best,


Hi Force, really glad that you are interested in the project. We do have a plan to build the web version, which we are going to start building next month.

About the smartphone thing, Incognito doesn’t need a flagship phone to use, even a $50 android phone will do just fine.

Regarding the Node, you should order Node now cause we have very limited stock available. I’ll make sure to inform you of our official plan and release date of the web version wallet later.

Best to you.


Henry answered my question regarding Desktop wallet! Thanks

I would like to know on what versions of Android will the wallet work?
I have tried an install on my old{only) android phone and I get the message, unsupported!

I am looking at a virtual node on my OS server, but it appears that having a phone wallet is a requirement to at least monitor it? Can I ssh into the node?




For Android, Incognito Wallet is compatible with android 5.0 and later versions.
To monitor, having app wallet is a must. However you can use rpc to stake/ check/ withdraw for advanced user: Common RPC to check your node validator.
You can ssh into the virtual node, not physical node.

I hope my answer helps


Hi Henry,
That’s what I needed to know.



Love the wallet!


Good day! A new build is released today: 3.6.5

What’s new:

1/ Update text for the Wallet screen & Add a Node screen
2/ Notification system :rocket:

  • Updated Balance
  • Deposit/ Shield your token
  • Earning from your Node
  • Withdrawal rewards from your Node
  • Unstaking complete


Update the Wallet app and let us know your feedback here!


Hi everyone,

The latest release 3.6.5 above was still pending approval from Apple/Google. While waiting, we kept working hard this week.

Today there will be a small update ( to fix some bugs and improve the UX/UI in the app. Just open the app and there will be a pop up that alerts you to it.

Let us know if you have any questions. Have a nice weekend!


Any plan to support hardware wallets like Ledger Nano X?


Hi @nono2357, thanks for your question. It is an interesting idea. We will look into it.
cc: @binh