Cypherpunk Guild funds Incognito to build privacy for NEAR ecosystem!

Hi everyone,

We’re so excited to announce that Cypherpunk Guild has awarded a 40k grant to Incognito for the deployment of NEAR <> Incognito bridge! :tada: :tada:

Thanks to this grant, NEAR users will soon have a right to use their assets with full anonymity, while Incognito persists in the mission of powering privacy to a variety of crypto assets and dApps (DeFi).

It’s the prime time for Privacy-minded builders to meet Privacy-minded advocates!

Benefits on end-users

As usual, our ultimate goal is to bring the highest level of privacy to the NEAR ecosystem via integration. Taking the same approach with the previous 13 bridges, once the Incognito <> NEAR bridge is deployed, users will be able to transfer and cross-chain trade their crypto assets seamlessly while their privacy is well preserved.

Development Roadmap

The Incognito team has already started working on the NEAR<>Incognito bridge which is expected to be deployed in July 2022. If the bridge succeeds in getting good traction from both communities, we will continue digging deeper into the cooperation by integrating with NEAR’s dApps.

Phase 1 of the integration will complete with the bridge deployment:

  • Protocol
Deliveries Timeline
Blockchain By June 3, 2022.
Smart Contract By June 15, 2022.
  • Application (mobile app)
Deliveries Timeline
Back-end By June 3, 2022.
Front-end By June 3, 2022.
  • Completion
Deliveries Timeline
Demo June 9, 2022.
Audit report June 16 - July 15, 2022.
NEAR/ PRV pair liquidity July 15, 2022.

:rocket: Official launch date: July 18, 2022. :rocket:


Kudos to @thachtb @elvis.p @tn1501 for building the bridge and help people trade NEAR assets with privacy! :construction_worker_man: :construction_worker_man:

About Cypherpunk Guild

The Cypherpunk Guild is a group of privacy-minded developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs, jointly collaborating to pioneer a future built around private transactions on NEAR Protocol and the larger crypto-verse. Led by two second-generation Cypherpunks, the Cypherpunk Guild supports the development of private applications on the Open Web, as a means of safeguarding user privacy and freedom.

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June 17 Update: Hurray! The development is basically done and the demo is up! Show your support by like and subscribe to our channel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: