Learn & Earn, Orchid OXT 💰 and make a deposit with them in Incognito

Have you all heard about the Incognito and Orchid partnership?

No? So turn the wheel:) And win 1 year of VPN Orchid)))

What is Orchid?

Each of us is active on the Internet. Many are even online for hours every day. We leave a lot of data behind while we’re on the global network. Data that help companies like Facebook and Google and many others make big profits.

Even states can use our data or misuse it. There is also the danger that evil criminals will do something nonsensical with our data on the Internet.

This is why Orchid (OXT) is there. It is a peer-to-peer tool for data protection. It includes a VPN and other features that help you to protect your data and better control your internet connection.

But back to the beginning, how do I get them?

CoinmarketCap Earn

At the moment, you still have the chance to earn 20 $OXT on CoinmarketCap Earn. First of all, you need to have an account at CoinmarketCap .

You also need to have a verified account at Binance exchange because this is where your rewards will be distributed after the campaign has ended.

After setting up both accounts, you can go to this page , watch the 4 videos and solve the quiz. You need to answer all questions correctly otherwise, you will receive nothing.

What Is the Total Supply? OXT

What is NOT a weakness of traditional VPNs?
They cannot be used on public Wifi

Why was Orchid created?
To build on the strength of VPNs and address their shortcomings.

What is OXT?
The Orchid digital asset used to enable its privacy marketplace.

What is OXT’s role on Orchid?
It helps ensure ample bandwidth and strengthen privacy.

What are Orchid credits?
Accounts pre-filled with OXT that can be purchased with nothing more than an ordinary credit card.

Name one feature that allows Orchid to keep data more private than traditional VPN services.
Multiple hops between VPN providers.

How many hops can be configured on Orchid?
As many as a user wants.

After receiving the tokens, we make a deposit in our favorite wallet Wallet

All the best! And good luck!


We should do launchpool for external projects on incognito in the future!

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