Taind - Light Shadow Box - Hold and swap crypto anonymously.

Hi folks, I’m Tai, a privacy builder. I’d like to contribute to Incognito’s growth by bringing Incognito to the website platform, and also to build more use cases for anonymous crypto transactions.

I released the first version of Incognito Web Wallet, which is now Light Shadow Box : https://lightshadowbox.app/ , with the basic features such as:

  • send/receive in network,
  • create/import account,
  • view balance.

Below is our roadmap, what we’ve done and what we are going to deliver in later 2020:

  • July (Delivered): Send, receive (in network)
  • August (Delivered): Basic UI, UX improvements
  • December (Delivered): LSB privacy wallet extension.

  • January: pSwap integration with LSB wallet extension.

Our roadmap for the product is listed as above, however, it’s up to you, the users, to tell us what you think is the most usable feature you want in an anonymous web wallet.

We are aware that the current version still has many things to fix & improve. Therefore, feel free to drop us any feedback for the current version & suggestions for future development by replying to this topic, that’ll all be very useful to us.

Join us at our social channels for updates and discussions


It looks like people are focusing on wallets, great. :slightly_smiling_face:

It would be great if the wallet could incorporate erc token trading using the privacy bridge or even pkyber

Basically privately trade from pkyber from the web with no need to use the incognito mobile app


@taind HI :hugs:
Nice building!


thanks guys, i’ll keep it all updated
@davoice321 yeah sure, but i’m gonna start with the basis first.

I’m so excited with your proposal. Really looking forward to use the MVP!


If you can add pDex web version. It will be cool :+1:


Cool build!


Hey @taind we kick off Builder rewards voting for July. If you have anything to show to the community please catch this moment, otherwise, you will have a chance to submit your app only next month.

Don’t miss the chance to present your project Here are our July Builders!


Great job. Will be very interested to follow the development. Moving away from phones is very welcome :+1:

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I’m getting an error and (Chrome at least) won’t let me access the site

The error was on my side.

Where is the link to the site?



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Everything would be ready on Monday, stay tuned Josh
Btw, thank you for trying it out, it means a lot to us.

Love to hear your feedbacks after Monday.

Official Launch

Hi folks,
We are back with our first version of Web Wallet built on Incognito Chain, try it now: https://incwallet.app/

Core features:

  • Create web wallet
  • Create new account
  • Import account
  • Send (in-network)
  • Receive (in-network)

If you have any feedbacks / suggestions for the site, please let me know on this thread. Let’s make privacy great again :slight_smile:



Hey @taind, I just imported my account to test your product out. Is token logo available in your web wallet? I just tried to add ETH and USDT but couldn’t see the logo.



@taind Thanks! This cool building :desktop_computer:!
I tested all the features.


Is there a way to get Received info /history?

Is it open source? Or can you share the source?

@taind, hey there, is there any update on your progress?

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@linda we’re planning to open it publicly, but we’re on the early phase, everything is still messy right now.

@Ducky there will be updates next week, stay tuned.