pDEX UPGRADE (WebVersion, Governance idea , Governance Pdap, Governance Token)

April is coming and the Web Extension is about to be launched. Metamask integration and Liquidity V2 also coming.

Launching a pDEX Governance token for liquidity mining. #pGOV

  • No Pre-mine,no ICO
    *Fair Launch , IFO (Initial Farm Offering) Stake PRV to get pGOV (initial % supply release)
    *Airdrop to all PRV Holders (minimum amount % from intial supply)

Start Farming pGOV with LP token once the pDEX is launched with the web version.
As a normal DEX we get LP tokens (Liquidity Pool tokens) by depositing both PRV + (COIN X) in a pool; then with those LP tokens we can stake them to get #pGOV as a reward for providing liquidity!

Block rewards from native $PRV currency could be also give to incentivize certain pools more than other, at least for the first year or two!

#pGOV utility

-Governance for all incognito Core future products (MoneyMarket,collateralized Stablecoins)

  • Could be used as collateral for a future money market or stablecoin
  • We could make pGOV-PRV pools where you earn double PRV to incentivize pGOV token.
    -We could also create pool where people can stake pGOV only and get fees redistribuition from all pDEX platform
    -Could be used to join liquidation in money market
    -Also for NFTs area

Impermanent loss fixed with double mining $PRV,$pGOV + fee redistribution.

For a long term perspective we need DECENTRALIZATION :
-Network Decentralization (without fixed node - grow to 5k nodes)
-pDEX governance decentralized
-pDAO governance
-token price sustanability(adjust inflation etc)

  • multisig BTC bridges (how to make a trustless BTC bridge?)
    -ethereum bridge audit
    -pDEX audit(liquidity, pools, governance)

And if we gonna build a money market with a decentralized and colleteralized stablecoins like Venus Protocol, but private then we also need governance for that!

What do you think about this?

I remember it was discussed before @andrey but yeah maybe we could check it another time and disccuss it!