Taind - pSwap - Swap your way into privacy.

Trading on Incognito Wallet app is amazing, it just…works. However, I’m aware that most of us here would love an all-in-one platform where you can trade, view trading activities, price charts, and in the coming future, staking. So here it is.

Frame 17

I’m making this proposal to build pSwap and integrate it with LSB wallet extension. This integration will deliver a seamless trading experience for Incognito community.

Core features:

  • Swap anonymously
  • Charts
  • Pairs analysis
  • Staking (pending till Provide section in Incognito app is decentralized).


  • January: Interactive UI for pSwap (Fully functional, except for the trading part, which is waiting for integration in February). .
  • February: Integration with LSB wallet.
  • March: Improvements.
  • Further in the future: to be updated later, depending on the progress of the core team.

Fascinating… :sunglasses:


thanks @Tempestblack, you’re always the most supportive in this community


:blush:…l try to be…I really do…wish I knew more about encoding and stuff like that but well I do not so I do what I can … one thing I do know is that this community has an amazing set of developers and builders like yourself and all the other builders who have created apps and bots to run with and within the community and well all of you builders are amazing bunch indeed… :sunglasses:


nice design, very useful


We kickstarted 2021 with new and exciting updates for pSwap. :partying_face: With current progress, we are good to push trading live by end of February.

In January, we:

  • Deployed a live trading page for pSwap. Check it out at: https://www.pswap.app/
  • Half way through the progress of making it tradable on main-net.

In February, we will:

@doc @Tempestblack @Estem @PRVhodlr @disco @J053 @andrey @Ducky


It is still looking good @taind…looking forward to the integrations… :sunglasses:


The integration is currently in testing phase and looking good so far. We are looking at a beta-release next week for the community.

Would really appreciate your testing out and feedback then. We can’t wait to push it out.


I saw that the price in pSwap is less than what shown on incscan.io or using the Incognito app. Is this a bug or a feature?

As I’m typing this, PRV price on pSwap and in Incognito App are the same. I believe it’s not a bug. :wink:

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Successfully integrated and initiated the first trade on pSwap. Working on the final touches to push the product out next week. Can’t wait to let everyone try it out.