Sexy New UI/UX Concept Design Idea!

Wow, looks really cool. More detail but somehow looks cleaner. Good stuff.


I really like your form language too… The concept of showing coins as shields or circles could really help to differentiate the two types of transfer and help reinforce concepts…

When the coin is shown as a shield, you would know it is a pCoin, when it is a circle, it is unprotected… I could see this help people see the difference between sending assets between users in network, compared to sending them to someone out of network. If you could work that form language into the two different actions taken in the app, I think it would make it even stronger.


Just fyi. You misspelled Ethereum.

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Wow, slick. Looks fantastic.

Just FYI - ‘Summary’ is correct spelling :wink:

Can’t wait for this to be in an app update. Next step… add UI/UX to desktop app project? :smiley:

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Thanks folks for the editing help. Spelling is something I am improving.

Form language and color language should help beginners. Again let me know what bits you like the most or if there’s stuff that would be best reverted or improved.

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Hey @JoyRaptor it’s awesome input!

I like the idea of total shielded assets and shield style icons, it gives me some confidence that it’s safe )

Do you know that there is quite a lot of development is going on around wallets those days ?

It could be a potentially good start of something big if you guys find collaboration opportunities and build your own products on top of the chain.

From this point of view, we want you guys to have ownership of the projects you contribute )

We just started Builder rewards 2 months ago to incentivize this kind of initiative.


Hey @JoyRaptor, your idea is really cool! Why don’t you join in Builder rewards program?! It’s specially designed for those who are much contributing to the project by their own amazing products!

As what @andrey suggests, you can take an ownership of your sexy wallet, or do the collaboration with other builders who are on the way building different version of wallets. It’s up to you. But…let’s join!

Any question, ping me :slight_smile: Happy to help you get on-board!


Thanks Ducky and Andrey! I think what you guys have been doing is exceptional and timely more then people know. I am most excited about the phone app because that’s what I use every day for everything. Was hoping I could get in on that.

I will figure out how to apply for builder rewards. I dont really do code but if there is a programmer who likes the vision and wants to help me implement it I can give/make assets?

I only gave only cursory attention to fonts, I am sure some of the dedicated Graphic designers can give the love to all those details.

As a concept artist I am good at big picture visions. I am good with color, lighting.
I am actually weaker when it comes to the finer points of graphic design.
I am not actually a graphic designer.
I am also weak at spelling haha.
I have been told I am strong in ux and interface in general. I think I am good at breaking things down for beginners and have good flow intuition.
I do have a full-time/overtime job, so I can do short all-nighters to get a vision and then answer questions throughout days, but I cant be on things daily.

I say all this so you can have a better idea of how to use me and who to point me towards.

And of course any lurking Programmers want to buddy up?


Lol! You’re funny! Thanks for giving a detailed profile though :joy:

Well, because most of current builders are focusing on building web wallet, while you’re interested in mobile app, I would recommend you to make a post in Wanted category and looking for a buddy from there. Hopefully a programmer will see and you guys can commence your collaboration. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Looking forward to see your sexy design come true!


Fun promo mockups.
incognito-Black-phone incognito-White-phone exchange-phone


Looks great, New look very beautiful :heart_eyes:

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How long would it take to get the app looking like this?

Only the developer could answer that. Any that have the know-how I’ll work with

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Can’t wait. It would really help adoption as I would love to show off the app to more people if it looked like this :sunglasses:

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I think this is Biggest update ui. Nice looks better design, Prv token growup for privacy.


Are you working on this wallet/dapp separately from the team and the incognito wallet/pDex/dapp? Or is this being proposed to the team? I would love to see the app look like this. Will it become a reality?


Are you a designer or you can coding too?

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I have all the art assets but I am not a developer so I would need help with implementation. If you know anyone who could help me with this I am game to push it even farther.

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Same thing as above.

I have all the art assets but I am not a developer so I would need help with implementation. If you know anyone who could help me with this I am game to push it even farther.

Like Ducky suggested above, check if there is someone building their own version of the wallet app and see if you can work together. Or work the other way around, put a post in the Community->Wanted category ask for a coder who can add functionality to your design.

The project is open source, everyone can build on it.

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