Official pNode Troubleshooting Guide

It’s finally here! The official pNode troubleshooting guide. No longer do you have to search around the forum for answers to your questions.

Use the Node Monitor to check for issues (
When you see an issue come here to fix it.

Step 1 - Restart Docker

Sometimes the Docker container may get stuck. Restarting it is as easy as sending a URL in a web browser.

Please note you will have to change the following


You can find your QR code at the bottom of your pNode.

You can find your pNodes IP address in the Incognito app like in the image below.


Once you have this information please run the following string in your web browser:


For example:

Step 2 - Restart pNode

If restarting Docker does not fix your issues please perform a node restart. The best way to do this is by sending the following string in a web browser (again you will have to change the embolden parts of the string).


For example:

Step 3 - Pull Logs & Send to Support

If in the event none of the above steps fix your pNode you will need to pull the logs and send them to support. Please follow the following steps in order to do this.

  1. Go to the following URL in your web browser:


  1. Download the most recent log files to your computer.
  2. Right click and zip the files.
  3. Upload to Google, Dropbox, or another cloud provider.
  4. Send a message to @support with a link to said file. Please also include what issue(s) you were experiencing.

Continue to step 4…

Step 4 - Delete Data

Please ensure you have tried all the above steps in the order listed prior to doing this step. This step requires redownloading all data and can take a considerable amount of time.

Please send the following URL in your web browser:


(Simpler button-based instructions coming soon via the pNode port 5000)

As always, if anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to drop them below or contact the support account.

Pardon, @Jared. Are you sure, that there is no mistake with Step 1 and 2 links??? IMHO those links should be exchanged with each other.

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Guide updated. Thank you.

image Hi,
I tried putting in my IP address for my node - however it does not show?? It’s been showing offline past 2 months although I’ve earned from it a few times …How do I get IP details & which browser do I use to put in steps 1) & 2) ??

Hello @ForestCity,

You can either check your router config or use a network scanning app. I personally use Fing, they have a desktop and mobile app (

Any browser will work as long as you are on the same network as the pNode.