Staking Flow v3 Guide 😍

So the shard # that will be assigned will be in the pending section in the app on the Pnode?

Yes, that’s correct. You can also find the pending shard via the Node Monitor ( Whichever you find to be more convenient.

I did all of them except 7 but I still see all of them listed shard numbers.

Yes, that is correct. You will never see any of those shards syncing, however, they will still be displayed.

@Jared Thanks for the guidance. I have completed pnode upgrade. My tag is uptodate and all shards but my current shard are deleted. In my pnode terminal experience, I would like to note that I did not see “Done” at end of a few minutes waiting for rm command to complete. I also had to issue the Delete shard button/command twice for the shard to disappear from the terminal display result/list. It all appeared to work.

Regarding my vnodes, I am a docker noob and am learning the basics of navigating docker. A little more guidance on how to enter docker containers, navigate to those shard folders would be helpful since I don’t have access to /home/incognito/node_data_#/mainnet/block directly from my user bash. I am sure I will eventually figure it out from docker documentation, but a little extra confirmation from you here wouldn’t hurt.


Please open a support ticket so we can further look into this.

I will update the guide.

It should not be required to enter docker containers

That is odd. Did you change the # with your node number?
If you need assistance please open a support ticket by messaging @Support.

Sorry, my bad. I had forgotten for this node I defined another data dir so it was not in the place you listed but the one I listed and forgot about. I do have access outside of docker. Thank you. I have deleted the shards I am not using on the vnodes too. I do have two nodes on the same shard. If the community wants us to have each vnode and pnode on a different shard as a matter of good decentralized practice, I will need some more guidance on that later. Even if not obligatory to have one’s nodes distributed over separate shards, the community and developers explaining what is good/optimal practice I hope will be made clear.

Each node is given a randomized shard. If we implemented a functionality to choose what shard a node runs this could be an attack point for someone to control a shard.

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@Jared Understood and good point. It occurred to me also that some, maybe many, will probably have more than 8 nodes in which case it would not be possible for some node owners to avoid being on the same shard with multiple nodes.

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does the Pnode version still exist ? They unstake my 1750 PRV, I stake it again will this solve the issue ?

I’m not following what you mean. Are you referring to pNode software version numbers?

If you are slashed you can simply re-stake once your node is back to latest on Sync State.

You need to follow the pNode troubleshooting guide or message @Support for further assistance.

what I mean is can you still mine using the physical Incognito node ?

This is the issue shard 5 is and other shard does not sync ?

Yes. Fix your stalling with this guide:

If you need further assistance please message the support account:

Yet another AWESOME post by @Jared.
Thanks for providing very clear instructions on what pNode and vNode operators need to do to facilitate this upgrade.

A HUGE shout out to the Incognito Dev team, you are amazing! I’m not a developer, but I can appreciate that this must have been a huge undertaking and lots of code and testing was required to get this all working on mainnet.

Many thanks for all the effort and hard work. As a result, I have even more encouragement in this project that I’ve decided to add another vNode to help support this project. You have helped convince me that this is the best decentralised privacy project in the blockchain space.

Congrats on this major milestone.


Hi Jared,
My understanding from your post was that the assigned shard would remain your shard for longevity. Now that I’ve deleted all unassigned shards with shard 6 remaining and receiving rewards recently, I’ve noticed shard 6 is now at block height 1 and not syncing. My pnode is trying to sync to other shards. Does this mean the assigned shard will change after every reward cycle?

Hello @Yoonity,

That is correct. The only time a node should be assigned to a new shard is if it was slashed. Please open a ticket by messaging @Support so we can look into your specific case to figure out what happened.