Node Unstaking/Slashed? Read Me! (re-stake guide)

Node slashed? This guide will hopefully answer all of your questions and then some.

The following are the most commonly asked questions via PM, email, and support inquiries.

Q: My node was slashed. What does this mean?
A: Refer to this post: Introducing Slashing V2

Q: What is the best way to monitor my pNode or vNode for potential issues?
A: Best advice is to watch the Node Monitor ( A guide explaining how to use the Node Monitor can be found here: How to use the Node monitor

Q: Please stop my node from un-staking/slashing, I don’t want this to happen and I didn’t authorize it.
A: It is impossible for Incognito or anyone else to stop this process. The Incognito network automatically initiated this due to a poorly performing node.

Q: Why wasn’t I notified of slashing in advance?
A: Emails were sent out to every forum user, a post was made on Twitter as well as this post on the forum: Slashing is LIVE! 🚨

Q: How do I get my node to be healthy again?
A: Follow one of the comprehensive guides:

pNodes:Official pNode Troubleshooting Guide
vNodes: Official vNode Troubleshooting Guide

Q: My app is not showing my IP address for my pNode / I can’t find my pNodes IP address?
A: If the app does not show your IP address, check your router (usually under connected devices) or you can download and use the Fing app ( pNodes should show up with the name of miner, nuc, or aos. If neither of those methods work you will need to power cycle your pNode. Unplug the power. Wait 30 seconds. Re-plug your pNode into the wall. Wait 3 minutes. Check your router or refresh the Fing app.

Q: I don’t have 1750 PRV to stake myself and the app says to stake again.
A: Don’t worry. If you go through one of the above guides and get your node(s) back online then you are eligible to be re-staked (as long as you have not self-staked). pNode operators no longer need to message support to have nodes re-staked. pNodes that are slashed will automatically be re-staked as long as they are both online and sync state Latest.

Q: I staked with my own funds. What is the process to re-stake?
A: The stake will automatically be returned to you. If you do not see your stake (1750 PRV) in your wallet please first check Convert v1 coins to v2 in the app. You can also try clearing cached balance. If neither of these options work please reach out to @Support.

Q: How many votes is enough to prevent being slashed?
A: 50+ and your node will not be slashed. Votes of 50 or less mean your node will be slashed.

Q: The Node Monitor says Pending Shard # but a different shard is syncing.
A: You will need to restart docker running on your node to fix this issue. If you are running pNodes access the dashboard and click Restart Docker. If you are running a vNode just rerun the setup/install script.

Q: I want to restart my pNode. Should I just pull the cable?
A: No, absolutely not. This is the worst thing you can do to your pNode and will almost always guarantee stalled / corrupt data. If a restart is needed then access the pNode dashboard (via port 5000) and issue a reboot. The majority of the time a Docker restart will fix the problem and that should be used first.

As usual, if anyone needs assistance with anything feel free to reach out to @Support or post a comment below.


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You might want to suggest for people with pNodes to pull this information. For instance, the ValidatorMiningPublicKey can be obtained at : HTTP://pnode-ip-address:5000/


If via the app I set a node to unstake, then change my mind, is there a way to un-unstake? Maybe via the CLI?