My node is unstaking and don't knw why

My node 17937 was in the process of creating and now it is showing that it is unstaking… Im not sure wats goin on. Is it possible for me to stop the unstaking process?

Your node has been slashed. Please search the forum for “slashing”.

Ok thanks

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I dnt understand how node was slashed because i never disconnect my node. It is always connected to the internet 24/7 and it was in the process of earning rewards. Can you give me a better understanding and how can i get my node 17937 restacked… Thanks

Most likely your pNode had a stalled beacon and/or shard, therefore not a healthy node on the network.

Read over the guides linked to fix your node issues.

Provide message @Support with the following:

QR Code:
Validator Key:

Once your node is operating as latest on the network it will automatically be entered into the queue to be re-staked.

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