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Welcome to the Validators Help section! For all your validator-related queries, use the search bar to find an answer. If there’s no answer to your question, feel free to make a post about it here. At the bottom of this p…

6 September 21, 2020
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How to convert PRV node earnings to other currencies like BTC or ETH? 3 September 23, 2020
What is the quickest/best way to earn PRV? 7 September 22, 2020

It’s a beautiful thing. Node earns PRV, the native cryptocurrency of the Incognito network. Housed in a unibody aluminum chassis and finished with woven fabric, it’s a beautiful personal miner for the home. But the mos…

73 September 22, 2020
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[Resumed] pNode withdrawals and staking paused till Sept 15th, 11:00 PM ET 5 September 18, 2020
How to host a Virtual Node 114 September 17, 2020
New tag for virtual node operators

Hi everyone, As a part of today’s scheduled maintenance (September 10, 2020), we also deployed a new tag for the Node: 20200910_1. Your Node should get new tags automatically whenever there is a new version available. H…

6 September 15, 2020
How to run Incognito Chain Full Node on Mainnet 9 September 14, 2020
Important: Update your vNode for faster syncing

As of now, Sept 4, 2020, multiview bft has been deployed. All virtual node operators are now required to make an update that will help your Node sync at least 10 times faster, and keep our network healthy. Please set asi…

21 September 13, 2020
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