Node Operator Latest Versions & Posts

Hello Node Operators,

This post will be routinely updated to show both the most recent updates and most relevant posts regarding operating a node(s) on the Incognito network.

Most Recent Software & Firmware Versions

Docker Tag: 20230912_1

App Version: v5.14.0 Released

pNode Firmware: v2.0.2 Released

Revelant Posts for Node Operators

Upgrading pNode OS & BIOS

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Official pNode Troubleshooting Guide

Advanced pNode Troubleshooting Guide

Official vNode Troubleshooting Guide

Node Bootstrapping Introduction & Guide :cowboy_hat_face:

Node Unstaking/Slashed? Read Me! (re-stake guide)

Staking Flow v3 Guide :heart_eyes:

How to use the Node Monitor