Why is my shielding address the same for ETH, DOGE, and ADA?

I was also under the impression the shielding address changes every few hours but when I checked back in after 12+ hours the address had not changed.


Hey Mike, thanks for your response. If I’m reading this correctly, what I’m experiencing is expected behavior?

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Yes most (perhaps all?) asset shielding addresses are no longer rotating. They are non-expiring and unique to each Incognito address.

The first goal in the redesign was to move away from temporary dev team controlled intermediary addresses. I do believe a future goal remains to add user controlled OTA to the shielding flow.


Is it expected for my wallet addresses to be the same for different coins? My assumption is they would be different but I’ve been wrong before. My address was different for BTC but the same for the others I’m using.