Weekly Privacy Newsletter - 1.19.21

My favorite thing about privacy is that while it works by shielding your identity, it enables you to be more yourself. And not only that, it brings people together. It manages to combine seemingly incompatible things - community, individuality, anonymity - and makes something greater than the sum of its parts.

The contents of this update are the result of that.

But before the bullet points, an important announcement:

We’re hosting a community hangout this Thursday at 2pm UTC! It’s a relaxed call where we can spend the entire time chatting about privacy, Incognito, and the cryptosphere.

RSVP here, and come hang out with us!

Member updates

  • There are new ways to earn QUEST!

  • Forum badges are back! You can get rewarded for contributing to the Incognito community.

  • Do you speak Italian? This thread is for you.

  • Wondering how privacy works in the pDEX? The answer is pigeons.

Development updates

  • The HD Wallet feature is available as an Android APK. The official launch is later this week.

  • Vote to get IncognitoPay integrated with Protonmail/VPN.

  • Check out this resource thread if you’re interested in building an Incognito bridge.

  • Community builders have made tons of updates to their projects this week. See what’s new in Builders/Community.

If I had 1 PRV for every time I got excited about something while putting together the weekly update, we’d have to expand the max supply far beyond 100M (I’d share it with you though, of course).

What a movement we’re a part of.

Don’t miss out on it. Meet me and others around the forum, there’s a lot to talk about, and I want to hear your thoughts!

Have a great week,


Where are the Telegram communities?

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Telegram & Discord


Great news Thank you AARON!

I will not refuse a gift :rofl:

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