Privacy Quest update: More ways to get QUEST

Pause Notice:

We received feedback from some community members that frequent QUEST drops can be distracting especially when you are waiting for important notification. We hear you.

So, we’re pausing the feature that rewards you with QUEST every time you trade, shield, and provide liquidity. We’ll dream up something even better, and resume once we’ve nailed it. If you have thoughts, feel free to share them in reply to this post. :slight_smile:

The badge program is still in effect, and you’ll receive QUEST from any badge rewards weekly to the address posted on your forum account. Thanks.

Hey guys!

Thank you for playing Privacy Quest and supporting the game! It’s already been more than two months since it was introduced, so we want to make things more interesting.

To make the game more dynamic, we have decided to test out some new ideas, and create more options to receive QUEST tokens. We hope it will speed up the coming of the Bitcoin lottery, help to educate new users about the Incognito app, and make the game more fun!

So, what’s new?

1. Earn QUEST in the app

You can now get QUEST tokens for taking certain actions in the Incognito App.

Each time you shield, trade, or provide liquidity, you will automatically receive QUEST tokens to your address. You can still earn QUEST by solving clues and opening chests, but you no longer have to feel stuck waiting for new chests or not finding them in time.

The in-app action rewards are as follows:

Shielding - 3 QUEST
Trading - 1 QUEST
Providing - 1 QUEST

In the future, more rewards for Incognito app actions are coming. The more you use the app, the more prizes you can get.

2. Earn QUEST on the forum

You can also get tokens for helpful participation on the forum. That’s right, we’re re-launching the badge program!

If you are active on the forum, you not only get cool badges and respect from the community, but you’ll also receive QUEST rewards. You can find more details here.

Own Incognito

Incognito is growing fast. For the community to become the best crypto community in the world, we need to actively support each other, and create and engage with content on the forum.

With this update, we’re trying to reward everyone who already does such a great job making Incognito the incredible movement that it is. It’s important to guide newcomers and share Incognito with a world that needs privacy, and you’ve been doing that. Thank you.

Now, if you need more QUEST, you know what to do!

Good Luck and Happy Questing!


Great initiative! Looking forward to earning Quest in the forum and the App, make using both even more fun!


Thanks @scooter! I’m happy that community like it :blush: :black_heart:


indeed, and here’s my first ever post to confirm that! :+1:
@elena and team, u are doing great job!


Really great way to incentivize trading and using the app more. So far i have made some quest and im feeling good about it. :sunglasses:


This is very exciting. My first time using the wheel. I am experiencing 9/10 spins landing on the sleep emoji. Is this a display error not showing the other emojis in fruitless spins? The odds seem to be against me and I am reluctant to spend the PRV.


If I trade QUEST, will I get QUEST?


Amazing! I haven’t been able to find this information but maybe I’m not searching in the right places, is there a deadline for the QUEST campaign?

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This info has been a huge help to the Incognito community appreciate it!


How is the trader-address is known by you to send the respective quest if trades don’t show the trader-address? Well, at least that’s what I’ve been thinking all this time :laughing:


There’s not exact date but I guess it will be till all LOTTOS are claimed from spin wheel so the BTC lottery can start :grin:.


Hey @key,
Thanks for you msg, we will check why it’s not showing the other emojis :thinking: It should be a glitch.

Hope if you decide to try again, you will have a better luck. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


Hey J053, no, you won’t get QUEST for trading QUEST, only for trading coins like BTC, ETH, XMR, USDT, USDC, DAI, BNB, etc.

I’ll update the announcement to specify the list of the coins :raised_hands:


When you make a trade on the Incognito DEX, you automatically get coins in return to your address. QUEST tokens are sent together with the coins you have bought on the Incognito DEX.


This is actually awesome! Yesterday I was actively using the app and I got so many quests… I thought… what the heck? Have I opened this many chests?

Awesome guys! Love Incognito!


I’m not getting quest rewards anymore on my anon chain for doing trades. I created new chains and they seem to receive rewards correctly for trading.

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Hey Elena, I created the master key and now my assets for PRV, Quest and BTC Lotto are all 0.

Do I have to wait or is something wrong?

My current private keys are the same as previously.

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Are your funds in your old ‘masterless’ address? Or both master and masterless keychains show 0 assets.


hey @meego! thanks for reporting a problem, we will check it :blush:

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Hey everyone! We’ve updated the topic to reflect that we’re pausing part of the QUEST rewards program to create a better version. See the top of this topic for details. Thanks!