Badges are back! Get rewarded for being engaged

I’m going to put on my fortune teller’s hat and make a few predictions:

  1. You like to be rewarded.
  2. You think privacy is important.
  3. You want to win 1 BTC.
  4. You’re not always able to open Quest chests in time.
  5. You’re a human.

If any one of those predictions are true about you, then this announcement is perfect for you!

When we first launched the privacy forum, we used a badge system to reward helpful and authentic participation in the community. You may have already earned some yourself, and wear them proudly on your profile. If not, don’t worry. You can see how to earn them in badges.

As of today, we’ve officially reinstated the prizes for earning badges! Many of the badges (though not all) come with a certain amount of QUEST tokens, which you can use to spin the prize wheel in your Incognito app.

We need your help :black_heart:

Incognito is getting bigger every day, and it’s maturing toward self-sufficiency. The goal has always been for “core team members’’ to simply be “community members”, and that time is approaching.

We’re still here, of course, and always will be. But this is one of the first of many steps of community governance.

As new members join, we need your help in teaching them what Incognito is all about, and how to use it. We need your help building useful privacy products. We also need your help to own this community.

Many of you have already been doing this. It’s quickly making Incognito one of the best communities in all of crypto. Thank you, and keep up the great work!

What can you do to give help? :black_heart:

  • Answer questions and point people to helpful resources.
  • Request resources you think would be helpful, but also, create your own!
  • Share industry news and info you think is important.
  • Like and reply to topics you find interesting.
  • Refer friends to the community and help them obtain higher trust levels.
  • Anything else unique to you that you feel like sharing with the community!

Rewards :black_heart:

Spreading privacy is its own reward, but we like real rewards too.

When you’re granted a badge for getting/giving likes, sharing links, and other helpful engagement, you’ll earn QUEST tokens.

These tokens can be used to spin the lucky wheel and earn prizes, add liquidity, trade for PRV or LOTTO, and more. They can even be built into pApps in an infinite number of ways.

The badges you earn are displayed on your profile page. Collect them all and gain ultimate social status as a privacy veteran. Is this what the cool kids are doing nowadays? Yes. Yes it is.

Available badges and respective rewards >


QUEST rewards will be distributed to your Incognito address every Thursday at 6:00 AM UTC. Make sure you have your receiving address in your profile so you can get your rewards.

:warning: Note: Nobody likes spammers, scammers, and other s-words. We’ll be working against abuses of this rewards program, and if there are too many, we may have to change or end the program. We CAN have nice things, if we work together.

Now, get out there, get involved, and get rewarded!

See you on the front lines!


Oh my, you are taking a big leap of faith here.
Looking forward to see how this pans out.


That’s so great, waiting for it


yep :pray: :pray: :laughing:

I’ll keep following up with the results every week to see if this campaign can work effectively and grow the healthy engagement!


Have the quest bern distributed at 6am UTC? Haven‘t received any… :thinking:

Hey Scooter, the quest reward is being distributed now, one by one, so just wait and you will get it soon! :wink:


it sounded like all would be distributed automatically at 6am UTC, that‘s why I was wondering…

It’s in the process, Scooter. I’ve just got my rewards. :wink:

Hm…yep…let us find out a way to speed up the distribution for next week.


With people already asking about distribution, I have no high hopes this will work. At the same time I hope time proves me wrong.


High hopes in what, the rewards program itself?

Human behavior will be the problem.


still waiting for mine… let’s see if they are here when I wake up tomorrow! A bit like christmas… :smiley:

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