Incognito November 2020 Targets

November development

Early this month, we celebrated the one year anniversary of the mainnet launch. More precisely, the mainnet was launched on October 29th, 2019, but we decided to prolong the celebration from late October up to the November PRV Holders Call. What we have achieved this year is a strong base for the future of privacy, and we want to share with you as much as we can.

Incognito is going full-speed ahead in reaching new heights. This month, we will continue to deliver new features for the Incognito app as well as provide updates in documentation. We will also treat community members with some special and fun privacy activities. The biggest of them is a Privacy Quest (in its pre-launch stage), created to raise awareness of the importance of privacy, and the ways you can protect yours in crypto and online.

Generate strong utility

Grow the number of shielded transactions

Grow the Builders Community

Build a strong layer-2 core

Incognito’s trustless bridge with Ethereum bond contract

Dynamic committee size and dynamic sharding

Timely and supportive CX

Node Tree mold ready

App v.4: Better Node performance and pDEX improvements, documentation for Builders

Build a strong layer-1 core

Quality Assurance Processes update and deliverables

The above includes:

  • Slashing
  • Privacy v2
  • New RNG for staking
  • Portal v3


Continuing research and development of key results on the Incognito 2021 Roadmap. All documentation gets updated to ensure the transparency of the project and its progress.

Development framework

One-time addresses

Confidential assets

Fullnode app service architecture

Block time reduction

See you around!

To contribute to our mission of bringing privacy to crypto/DeFi, and to let us know your opinions, join conversations around

P.S. - We are preparing something special coming this December… Be on the lookout!

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