Join us for the November PRV Holders Call - Incognito's 1st birthday!

Hi folks,

It’s about time for the monthly PRV Holders Call to report growth and development achievements, and brainstorm ideas as well as initiatives that could help drive Incognito forward. But this time will be different. There will be something special for the November PRV Holder Call: Incognito’s 1st birthday :slight_smile:


This will be a call where we look back on all of the achievements that we’ve made in the very first year of this long-term project, share with everyone what we’ve learned, and discuss what the next year may hold for us together.

Annual event details:

Time: 1PM UTC | 8PM GMT+7 | 8AM EST | 5AM PST
Date: Friday, 6 November 2020
Livestream: on Incognito YouTube channel.

Let’s play a game!

There will also be an interesting quiz game going on in this anniversary call. Winners will get the secret prizes :wink: Please install the Kahoot app and be ready for the game!

Will you be joining this annual call?

  • Yes, I’m in!
  • Perhaps next time.

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Do you have your own ideas to share? Great! Share them with us during our Q&A! We’re looking forward to having more community input for next year’s strategy.

What will Incognito be like in 2021? It’s your turn!

Incognito Team


Happy birthday Incognito! And thanks everything for the team :birthday:


congratssssss :star_struck:


Everyone…The call will occur today! Don’t miss it! :slight_smile:

See you soon,


Was a great call happy bday incognito!


During the call there was a discussion about a game/quest/ for getting incognito out in the world. Has that launched? Is there more information?

Hey @Josh_Hamon
The game will be launched tomorrow :blush: You can find more information about it here.

We will also publish official announcement tomorrow and spread this news in the social media :slight_smile: