Incognito App service


  • Deploy all parts of the App service onto the production environment by the end of Jan, 2021.
  • Make it ready for the Incognito app team to start working on the transition from the current full-node to the new one.
  • Ability to extend easily to the future requirements if needed.


Milestone 1: November 13rd, 2020

Finalize architecture, data models, and technologies for the new App service. The output of the milestone is to have a document for three things listed above.

Milestone 2: December 15th, 2020

Implement a full data flow (chain → full-node → workers → data storage) in a test environment.

Milestone 3: December 30th, 2020

Measure metrics for:

  • Latency - how delay (or how fast) data synchronization is for a newly created block’s data (as compared to the current full-node)

  • Key or heavy computations to see how efficient the new data models are.

Milestone 4: January 31st, 2021

Implement and expose sufficient APIs for Incognito wallet’s needs along with good documentation for reference.

Key results

  • A reliable, scalable, and handy app service in aspects of data synchronization and data organization.
  • A friendly and well-documented Restful APIs layer to serve both internal party (Incognito app team, first) and external parties (community builders, later)


  • Link to Github (TBD)
  • Proposing architecture


UPDATE 30 November

Milestone 1

Update 5 Nov - 16 Nov

  • Finish first draft of physical data model
  • In progress: parsing finalized blockchain data

UPDATE 30 November

Milestone 1


  • MVP architecture: instead of using Apache Kafka, the team decided. to implement Incognito App Services as Go-routines in Incognito-Chain codes. This branch will be maintained separated. The only thing we need to test before put into into production is Database and our Physical Model.


  • Load test and choose database. The team isn’t sure which database is the best, we are considering some options, such as: mongodb, cassandra, gg big table.

Milestone 2

  • Database Logical Model
  • Data parser package: parse Incognito Chain data into Database Logical Model
  • Mongodb physical model & Mongodb physical layer implementation. The team will give the first try at Mongodb.


  • Load test our physical model on mongodb.
  • Implement API services layer.