Network observations 2024-02-06

I’m making my own simple network monitor utilizing getbeaconbeststatedetail information from my full node. I’ve noticed some things I’m wondering about.

Time for an epoch.
Last I read the specification the block time was 15 seconds and there are 350 blocks in an epoch. I assumed 15*350 = 87.5 minutes as the duration of a single epoch. However taken from the actual network data, all last week the duration was closer to 116 minutes, and tonight it has actually been falling steadily down to the latest today that was 88 minutes.
What is the source of this variance and it is something that should be viewed as expected and normal?

Non-functioning nodes
I see a lot of non-functioning nodes at the moment. I assume this is because of the “recent” change in how nodes are unstaked and funds no longer being returned. Previously I’ve always looked at the number of staked nodes, but I find this no longer even close to accurate as todays numbers are:


That’s a whopping 14.8% of all nodes not working properly.

Misbehaving nodes
I’ve also seen a list of nodes constantly getting forcefully unstaked. I am assuming these are fixed nodes as they keep getting rewards and keep staying in committee. First of all, that’s pretty unfair, second, maybe @Support take a look at them? :wink:

Public Keys


Lastly, just an observation regarding the biggest players when it comes to validators. Here’s a top 5 list of how many nodes the top validator owners seem to operate.

  1. 2152 (46%)
  2. 373 (8%)
  3. 235 (5%)
  4. 100 (2.1%)
  5. 76 (1.6%)

Now there may be other big players out there, but they’ve avoided my method of clustering them. :wink:

With that, I just want to promote more people to own more nodes. It gives strength to the network.

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@fredlee Would you happen to know why a node staked from a keychain in your wallet wouldn’t show in your nodes and continuously show “import”?

Sorry, nope. pNode (physical hardware node) or vNode (software virtual node)? Is this under “power” in the app, or where does it say “import”? @support is probably better equipped to help you with this. PM them with detailed information if you haven’t already.

Thanks. It’s a vNode btw. Just thought I’d check with you since they couldn’t figure it out