pNode offline — can’t get it online

I can’t get the pNode back online. Please help.

Hello @jackbauer,

Have you tried using our Official pNode Troubleshooting Guide?

I just tried running the troubleshooting guide. I did try to download the logs, but it looks like the pNode froze. I then tried to delete the stalled shards, but now Docker keeps restarting.

Since Docker is restarting please try to bootstrap your node:

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@jackbauer please let me know if your pNode is not working after bootstrapping and we can go more in-depth with the [User Guide] pNode Diagnostic Tool.

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Hi @Jared, the Docker continuously reboots. Once I reboot the pNode, it will automatically restart the Docker, then once reboot is complete, it will reboot again.

Go ahead and try out the above linked Diagnostic tool.

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