[Announcement] Limited Edition pNodes

Great news everyone, our warehouse was doing some rearranging and located 8 brand new pNodes. We have decided the best way to get them quickly and fairly into the hands of our community is by having 6 auctions and 2 giveaways.

Limited Edition :new:

We have also decided to make these 8 pNodes all LIMITED EDITION :star_struck:. Each pNode will come with (*subject to change):

  • Limited Edition Holographic Sticker
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Thank You Letter from the Team
  • Funded Stake by Incognito is Available
  • Possibly other goodies

pNode Auctions :man_judge:

We will host a live and fully transparent auction right here on the forum. Bidders will be able to comment on their bid amount directly on the post. Each bid amount should increase by +$10. Shipping is an additional cost and will vary based on where the winner is located. At the close of the auction, the bidder with the highest amount wins and will be contacted by PM for payment and shipping details.

pNode Giveaways :free:

After our first auction concludes we will start with our giveaways. Giveaways will be announced on the forum and cross-posted on our Twitter and Telegram channels. Everyone can participate in the giveaways! :partying_face: We will have actions that users will need to perform in order to enter into the drawing. Each action acts as one entry. While the pNode will be free there will still be shipping costs. Shipping charges will be determined based on where the winner is located.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Any thoughts, feedback, suggestions, comments, etc that we should know before we start the first auction/giveaway? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

When is the first auction?

Please do not start bidding on this post. We will have a dedicated post for the first auction. This post is just meant to be a discussion with the community and get feedback prior to the first auction.


Thanks for informing us about this special auction and giveaway @Jared

Quick question…
I am running some vNodes on my home network.
If I am successful at winning one of the limited edition Pnodes, will I encounter any issues with my pNodes interfering with my vNodes on the same network?
Will there be a way to configure the pnodes ports?

Just want to be sure the pNode and vNodes will play nicely together.



If you run with the default setup then you will run into issues. However, it is very easy to change the port and we can assist you with that.


I love this idea, great way to bring some exposure through the giveaway.
I’ll definitely be bidding and participating in the giveaway.


Wow…it has been a while since I saw something like this…there used to be a raffle that one of the incognito members setup and well that was right before the pandemic hit and also prior to the end of the manufacture of the pnodes…it is very cool to see this auction and giveaway happening…big kudos to @Jared for coming up with this… :sunglasses: :100: :+1:


I absolutely Love this, as someone who has been trying to get more people on this and succeeding little by litte. I love this project and I love what this could do to bring more people into it. Cause you guys have the absolute best product out there of any in the crypto market.

I will definitely be participating in both, provided it’s as I believe, but I will also do a lot of free advertising cause I genuinely believe in this project!


good idea! i was wondering about these pNodes


Awesome, look forward to the auction!


I’m all for it! I want one of these. I was sad to see I couldn’t buy one any longer. I’m not great at the tech stuff so a plug and play node is great for me! Thank you!


Looking forward!

I remember that!!!
Was it by Fitz_fiat…don’t recall exactly

Hi @The13oy…and it was @Thriftinkid…that used to hold the lottery at that time

Yup! @Tempestblack is correct. I was hosting pnode lotterys until incog stopped production.

Hiya @Thriftinkid…ltns…good to see ya…hope you are doing well… :smiley: :100: :sunglasses:

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I have a very stupid question. Where can I buy one of these? I don’t care about it being a limited edition, I’d just like to have a pNode.

pNodes were discontinued.

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Then that answers the question. Why is it still in the app like we can hook one up? Or did that finally get removed?

If a user needs to set one up on a new phone. That screen can also be used if someone wants to run a vNode (similar to a pNode but without dedicated hardware).

There is a possibility of us producing a pNode v2, however, nothing is set in stone and there is currently a global supply chain shortage.


Maybe you can put something in the app that makes that clearer? That way folks like me don’t get confused.


Sounds like a great idea! :slight_smile:
Looking forward to the auctions (and the giveaway too!), should indeed stir up some excitement!