Weekly Privacy Newsletter 7.5.22

Quick take

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Technical development :construction_worker_man:


  • Instant Finality V2: huge improvements of the V1 don’t stop the team from keeping improving the transaction speed, the V2 will reduce wait time further for unshielding and privacy dapp transactions. This is being tested in a local environment and its document will be published this week.

  • Timeslot reduction and storage pruning are still being tested since last week.

Bridge & privacy dapps

  • Privacy Unified token: the last QC round is being proceeded on testnet, can’t wait for submitting the app to the app stores. The release date is to be defined and will announce in the next newsletter.

  • Privacy dapps (pApps): the new pApps flow by reducing three outchain transactions into only one will improve significantly privacy, reliability, and speed of pApp transactions. The smart contracts’ code upgrade is done, and the audit of the contracts will come after we complete Incognito’s code update.


  • Web apps: a simple web version of the Incognito mobile app is being developed, more information about the UI/UX for feedback will be published soon.

Growth effort :chart_with_upwards_trend:

One of the initiatives that the team is working on is growing the validator set of Incognito. Besides regular activities (reaching out to staking groups/channels/websites) as last week, an interesting proposal by @Jared regarding pNode “Limited Edition” auction and giveaways was just published on the forum. Please contribute your thoughts and ideas.

That’s it for this week, a lot of development work is being done to help improve all areas of Incognito. However, they will be nothing without you - the privacy supporters. Thank you and see you next week! :wave: