(Resolved) Node monitor down

All of my nodes appear offline in the app and the node monitor is showing a cloudfare error. Any ETA on a fix? I’ve already been slashed twice this week due to factors beyond my control, and another node is getting ready to be in committee.


The Node Monitor page is for display purposes only. The Node Monitor will not impact node earnings or ability to earn. Ive notified the devs and I’ll let you know when this is resolved.

Yes but I did just rebuild my nodes and have no way of knowing whether the bootstrapping was successful. Guess I just have to cross my fingers.

This issue has been resolved.

so is it going to back the game??

We do not have any plans to launch another game for free PRV/crypto. The only thing we have planned in the near future would be the pNode giveaway and auctions.

ok thx

Thanks Jared, this resolved just in time for me to verify my node was syncing and begin earning.

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