Weekly Privacy Newsletter 6.21.22 - Reduce transaction time with Instant Finality

Quick take

  • :building_construction: Infrastructure: A huge protocol improvement has just been released including Instant Finality and Transaction verification time.

  • :fireworks: Exposure: Incognito is one more time featured on Fantom Universe and Fantom Blog for bringing privacy to Fantom’s dApps.

  • :handshake: Partnership: Last week, we welcomed Kyber Network and Atlantis Loans to the Incognito privacy hub. $KNC and $ATL are now ready for shield, transfer, and swap.

  • :new: New product: Wallet Extension will be released this Thursday, June 23, 2022.

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Recent Developments


Privacy apps

  • NEAR <> Incognito bridge: A demonstration video is up. Users will soon be able to shield, transfer and trade NEAR tokens privately on the Incognito blockchain. Watch the demo >

Upcoming Developments

Technical developments

  • Block time reduction: The dev team is currently working on a block time reduction experiment. This is expected to be the next step after Instant Finality to optimize the Incognito’s infrastructure layer. A detailed document will be posted to the community in the next few weeks.

  • Unified pToken: This week is planned to have Unified pToken tested out on the testnet2 environment for both protocol and application.

Growth Efforts

  • Validator: Are you interested in staking a Node and power privacy for Incognito’s users? Incognito offers some incredible advantages for anyone to become a network validator and earn PRV. Check it out >

  • Listing: Some of the Staking/ Masternode sites that we’re proceeding with are: Everstake, Stader, Masternodes.biz, Crypos.io, Nodehub.io, etc. The progress will be regularly updated in the Validator proposal >

  • User tutorial: You wish to own a Node and earn block rewards but are confused about the setup process? Rest assured, we just produced a step-by-step tutorial ready for you. Watch the video >

Need your help

In addition to the current activities as stated above, we also would love to join in the public discussions around #Privacy #DEX #Multichain #Crosschain keywords. Should you happen to see any of them, please recommend us.

That’s all for this week’s update. Thank you everyone for your contribution to the network and community.

See you around. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Thanks for the update @Ducky .

I posted a comment on a different thread about LiteCoin’s recent MWEB privacy upgrade, see here - Litecoin privacy update

I feel there could be a HUGE opportunity for the Incognito Dev & Growth teams to engage with the LiteCoin Foundation ( https://www.litecoin.net/ ) to support and promote MWEB.

Litecoin is being delisted on some exchanges for it’s new privacy feature. I’m sure they would be keen to promote their MWEB adoption on the best Pro-privacy Incognito network :slightly_smiling_face:

What are folks thoughts on this?


I think it’s great and make sense to talk to Litecoin team for a partnership! @Jayce_Nguyen from our Growth team is trying to contact the team and let’s see if we can push forward a campaign for their tokens on our privacy exchange and have liquidity pool added by Litecoin users.

Thanks for reminding us on this btw. :raised_hands: