The advantages of becoming an Incognito Validator

Among a variety of investments to earn passive income in cryptocurrency, earning block rewards by staking to become a validator/Proof of Stake (PoS) is one of the most popular ways people choose nowadays.

We have heard about staking on Ethereum 2.0, Cardano, Avalanche, Solana, Polkadot, etc. so what about Incognito? What does it look like to become an Incognito validator? Does it require tons of effort to run a Node? This post aims to give you some useful information.

What does a validator do?

You may have known that Incognito is the first privacy PoS network that enables privacy for all current (and future) crypto assets, multichain, and applications. The Incognito network is powered by thousands of decentralized validators (nodes).

Nodes power the Incognito network by collectively performing a range of consensus works, including verifying the validity of private transactions and adding new blocks to the Incognito chain. In reverse, nodes earn block rewards and transaction fees.

By staking Nodes, you’re giving others the choice of privacy.

Some advantages of staking Incognito nodes?

  • A competitive % APR: ~ 80% (according to a community validator calculation. Read more here >)

  • Low specs hardware requirement: See table below.

  • Low power consumption and eco-friendly: See table below.

  • Low staking requirement: A fixed fair stake of 1,750 PRV.

  • Easy to buy PRV for staking: A walkthrough to buy PRV >

  • Convenient & Easy to set up: Purchase a plug-and-play device (pNode), or set up a vNode in only 1 line of code.

  • On-time support from Core Team.


Now let’s take a quick comparison of the requirements to become validators of different networks and the equivalent rewards mechanism.

How to become an Incognito validator?

Want to run a Node and help bring privacy to crypto people? Ok, good! We have a detailed step-by-step guide for you to host a vNode and start earning PRV rewards.

Check the guide out >

The total number of network validators: Check explorer >

Thank you!
Happy staking!



@khanhj are pNodes going to be for sale again?

If not you might want to remove mention of it, as those who want them might take that as a sign you will be offering them.

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Yes, we are planning to sell pNode again. But to be sure, please wait for official announcement.
We were looking for hardware suppliers and inspecting hardware specs to ensure each pNode has enough power to run incognito-chain for upcoming years.

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PS. Would you like to see pNode in a new outfit?


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