Weekly Privacy Newsletter - 5.3.22


It’s always a big excitement for us every Tuesday to tell you what we are doing to help protect people’s privacy in the Web3 environment. In this week’s newsletter, we can’t help swanking the latest announcements about Polygon <> Incognito bridge that has just been officially pushed in Polygon communities last week. Also, a blog post dedicated to the privacy solutions that Incognito can bring to Polygon users can be read on cryptodaily.io.

Let’s celebrate Incognito on this remarkable achievement by spreading a word to MATIC supporters around you and helping them to turn on the incognito mode for their crypto assets.

Recent Developments

Incognito app

  • More useful information is included in the CSV export, more essential information is shown for every token in the wallet, and a series of intuitive tutorial videos embedded in the app are the 3 new improvements that can be accessed on the latest version 5.2.5.

    Read more about the release and make sure your app is updated to the latest version for the best experience.


  • Instant Finality is an inevitable improvement to ensure the scalability of the Incognito blockchain. Code refactor has been done and is currently in the review and testing phase.

  • Blockchain storage reduction: Thanks to the help of vNode validators, the team was aware of and is currently working on the fix of the memory leak that causes the vNode to consume more RAM than usual. A new docker tag will be released soon. If you want to test this yourself, kindly follow this instruction or check this thread about a testing report made by a community member.

  • Privacy: the Privacy team performed the initial benchmarks of several potential improvements to the coin generation algorithm. The development will start this week.

Upcoming Developments

During the past week, a series of brainstorming sessions to determine what we should deliver in Q2 2022 was conducted internally. What is worth your attention?

Incognito web extension

  • Absolutely! A topic explaining essential aspects of the Incognito web extension will be published to the community very soon. Meanwhile, the leak out of UI-UX design can be looked at here:

Privacy apps

  • Unified pTokens is in the process of final testing in the staging environment. Imagine how incredible it would be to use Ethereum assets on dApps built on BNB smart chain! Plus, with privacy!

    Review the UI-UX design and looking forward to the official launch in the middle of May.

Growth Efforts

  • The first calls with Terra and NEAR team worked out pretty positive. It’s likely possible that Terra and NEAR would be the next 2 networks to which we will build the bridges in Q2.

    Privacy for NEAR, LUNA, and UST. What do you say?

  • Liquidity pools for MATIC/PRV and FTM/PRV have been added successfully. Now that everyone has a right to swap MATIC and FTM anonymously. Plus, if you provide more liquidity for those 2 pairs, you will be able to earn up to 20% on top of your contribution.

    Adding liquidity is super easy and fast. Here is how.

  • Are you a supporter of FantOHM, Gravity Finance, and Telos? If so, let’s get ready because you will be able to swap those tokens anonymously on the Incognito exchange using the liquidity pools added by those projects’ teams. Thanks @Jayce_Nguyen and @Khanh for your hard work with the mission to turn crypto assets into privacy mode.

What’s next?

As stated in the previous newsletter, we are currently working on the summary of Q1 developments. The report will be published and sent to you within this week. Stay tuned!

Have a good Tuesday!!


OMG!!!..awesome newsletter and posting Ducky…great job… :100: :partying_face: :sunglasses:


Hey! I’m glad to have you back on our forum, Tempest!


Thank you…I am glad to be back…got a lot of reading to do though…lol…but worth it… :sunglasses:

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Hi Ducky, do you think for next week’s newsletter we could get an update on the timeline for one-time use Bitcoin addresses as discussed in this thread? Work in progress: One-time Shielding Addresses


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Yep sure! Well noted :ok_hand:
Thanks for letting me know what you want to be updated about :slight_smile: Much much helpful!


Hey there! This week, we just released a big roadmap post instead of weekly newsletters as usual. It’s about our development plan in this quarter.

We’ve discussed OTA shielding address since January but no solid commitment on deliverable yet. It was like an open community brainstorming round. Now, we want to commit to having it done in Q2. :relaxed:

I will keep everyone posted on every new milestone here on the forum, in Telegram channel as well as Twitter channel.