Weekly Privacy Newsletter - 4.26.22

Hey there! What does Incognito have on the bulletin board today?

An honor partnership announcement with the Fantom Foundation team last week is considered as a strong evidence that Incognito is really bringing solutions for almost the privacy concerns stated in privacy coins adoption. We hope that this would be a powerful kickoff for Incognito’s exposure to the crypto world.

And what’s else? Check it out!

Recent Developments

Incognito app

  • A new version of the app has been released last week. Make sure your app is updated to version 5.2.4 to have a better experience with adding liquidity and showing trade history functions.

    See details of version 5.2.4 >

Privacy apps

  • pUnified Tokens: The UI-UX design is still open for feedback from the community. This is expected to be a game-changer for the Incognito network when for the first time in crypto history, you will see all the blockchains ‘talk to each other privately’. :slight_smile:

    How can it be? Find the answer here >


  • Blockchain storage reduction: If you are a network validator, make sure you go through this instruction to run the new database modes for your vNode. If any trouble, do not hesitate to ask for help.

Upcoming Developments

Incognito app

While privacy is Incognito’s ultimate aim, the way for people to use crypto privately must also be as easy as possible. In the upcoming release, we will have the following feature improved:

  • Automatically shows app tutorials to new app installers. By doing this, we hope that new users will find it easy enough for their crypto assets to enter incognito mode.

  • Make information about the network of a token more visible on the user-end, so the mistake of shielding a wrong token would be decreased dramatically.

  • An app usage survey will be conducted by @Jared very soon this week. Please share with us your honest thoughts when using the app. In which appearance the Incognito app will be in the future will be determined by…you!

Growth Efforts

  • Thank all of you for casting your votes in the next bridge research, so we can allocate our resources accordingly and prioritize to deliver what is expected the most from users.

    As a result, the first call with Terra’s representative will occur today. We will keep you posted once we get any positive results from the pitching.

  • Continue on the cross-marketing campaign, this week we are supposed to see cross announcements and welcome new privacy adopters from the Polygon network, QiDao, Yoshi Market, and O3 Swap projects.

What’s next?

It’s already the last week of April, which means we’re coming to the end of Q1 2022 (Incognito time :smiley: ). A summary of Q1 achievements, as well as the Q2 roadmap, will be published soon. Stay tuned!

See you around,