App Release v5.2.5

Hello Incognito app users :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

The most recent app release is now available for both Android and iOS devices. Your app will be automatically updated when you open it. Make sure your app is at version 5.2.5 to see the following improvements:

  1. Add a column of Transaction ID into CSV Export function.

  1. Add a new button (?) into the Wallet tab where you can quickly get the essential information of a token, such as: Token Name, Contract ID and equivalent Network.
    This improvement aims to reduce the chance that users may be confused about a bunch of tokens under the same name and choose the wrong token to shield, which results in a poor experience using the Incognito app.

  2. Add new feature Tutorial into More tab. While seeing a wave of new users joining the Incognito hub, we hope that this new feature would help newbies find it easier to get started with Incognito Wallet.

Take a quick glance at the UI for 3 new improvements.

Please comment below if you face any issues or share your ideas about what you would like to see in the app in the upcoming releases.

Cheers! :beers:


Woohoo!!! @khanhj …thank you for the news and update…awesome news… :100: :partying_face: :sunglasses:


Thanks for this update @khanhj.

Hey @admins, I was not sure if this is the correct way to provide feedback on the CSV Export feature, so @Jared (or Admins) please break this off to it’s own thread if needed and tag the Incognito Devs.

I have tested out the new CSV Export feature and it is getting better with each update. Thank you Incognito Dev Team.

Here are a few things I’ve discovered :-

1) Multi-Wallet Export is missing
If you have multiple wallets, there is no button in the top right (like on other screens) to select which wallet you want the “CSV Export” tool operate on.
a) Please allow the user to select which wallet or wallets they would like to export.
b) Provide an option for “Export All Wallets” and have Incognito output a single ZIP file that containing a separate CSV for each wallet.

2) The DATE is not suitable for International users.
I’ve raised this in a previous post ( CSV Export - Some Bugs & Feature Requests ), here’s an example DATE “6/12/2022” - is this 6 Dec or 12 June?
a) Please adopt a more internationally friendly Date Format: DD-Mmm-YYYY E.g. 06-Jun-2022

3) Something weird is happening with the TIME format.
I have noticed that the “TIME” part for dates on or prior to 30 Apr 2022 have the Format HH:MM:SS E.g. 23:50:13
But on or after 1 May 2022 the format changed to :- HH:MM:SS AM/PM
I’m not sure if this is happening across all user wallets or whether just on my wallet, but having the TIME format inconsistent (some without AM/PM and some with) is causing issues in Excel when it comes to sorting by date.

4) The “TxType” labels are missing key information.
The “TxType” labels for receiving a reward from a Node (via “Power” section) is not differentiated from other TxTypes for “Provide” or “Earn”. Please add a little more details so that we can differentiate the reward earnings from Power / Provide / Earn transactions.
a) Withdrawing from “Power” (Nodes) TxType = “Withdraw Reward Response - Power”
b) Withdrawing from “Earn” TxType = “Withdraw Reward Response - Earn”
c) Withdrawing from “Provide” TxType = “Withdraw Reward Response - Provide”

Thanks for continuing to build on and improve this very important feature of the incognito wallet.


Hey @Linnovations

Thank you for your feedback. After an internal discussion, we decided that we can start working on a fix for issue #2.

What about the others?

We plan to take on this suggestion later in Q2 this year. Meanwhile, we guess that each user should probably have 3 - 4 keychains on average, so the temporary solution for this is that you can switch between the keychains in Wallet tab, then go back to More tab and export the CSV file.

Help us keep monitoring this issue after we push a fix for #2. If the weird thing remains, please let us know.

This will affect the transaction history function in Wallet/Asset tab, so it would probably take us pretty much time to test and implement a fix. Same as Multi-Wallet Export support, we noted and will get back to it later in the end of Q2.