Weekly Privacy Newsletter - 3.21.22

Hello Incognito Community!
Hope everyone is having a good start to your week so far.

Recent Developments

  • :solana: Solana RipTide Hackathon - Incognito’s entry for the Solana RipTide Hackathon was submitted. Users interested in our submission can review our submitted slide deck and youtube video demonstration.

    We still need to have a security audit for the Solana Bridge programs. This will be done in the near future and the results published to the community (via a forum announcement and website link).

Incognito App :iphone: (Android & IOS)

  • :curve: pCurve - pCurve pApp was released and is now live on the app. Read the release announcement and let us know your thoughts & inputs.

  • Removed Google dependencies to be in line with our commitment to user privacy, not just with crypto. The beta build is available for users to test and report any bugs. With the removal of Google Firebase, pNode push updates will not be possible. Research is being done for a workaround.


  • Committee size increase was released today as previously discussed on our Q1 2022 update. Previously, the committee size was 32 slots and once enabled on the network there will be 48 slots.

    The docker tag 20220322_1 was released today and after the majority of community nodes upgrade to this newest release the committee size (known as MaxCommSize48) will auto increase.

  • Hot fix improve the :bsc: BSC bridge connection stablility - The network will still process transactions if either of the services goes down. We apply the same method to other EVM-based bridges, by caching EVM block-headers, and rotate to new RPC services in case one is down.

  • Unified Tokens - The team has approved a new solution to rebalancing token. This week we are working on the general flow and App UI/UX.

  • Privacy improvement - Bulletproofs verification time improvement completed 65%. While the team also saw a chance to refactor code and improve Bulletproofs proving as well.

Incognito Explorer

Upcoming Developments

Privacy App

  • Export Transaction History - Progress is being made to adding an export feature to the app to allow app users to export all wallet and transaction data for record keeping/tax preparation purposes.

  • The option to pay un-shielding fees via the same coin. - For example, un-shielding BTC and the fee with being removed from the total amount of BTC being un-shielded. This will help users from having to have a larger amount of PRV.


  • :fantom: Fantom Bridge - Protocol testing is complete. The Docker code has been deployed today, however, app integration will take time and is estimated to be released on March 28, 2022.

Growth Efforts

  • :zilliqa: Zilliqa - Our growth team has been in talks with Zilliqa regarding restarting the previous partnership that we had with pDEX v2. Progress has been made and we hope to bring exciting news regarding this partnership in next week’s newsletter.

  • The growth team has sent out messages to 12 other coins/projects. The full list can be reviewed here: Coin/Project Partnerships.

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I’m looking forward to this feature. Really excited.

Thanks for getting this feature back.