Incognito's Q1 2022 Update

Just got off a call with the dev team and I wanted to provide the community with an update on the projected timeline for Q1 (February, March, and April) of 2022.

Incognito Development

Figure 1: Q1 2022 Timeline Overview | Click/Tap on image to enlarge

User experience

App Performance :iphone:

The app dev team is having an “all hands on deck” mindset to tackle app performance issues. Their goal is a 50% reduction in app load times and a 50% increase in app menu / key changes.

This should be completed anywhere from Feb 14 - March 11 at which point will be passed off to Quality Control (QC) for further testing March 14 - 25 with production release available to the community directly after QC is complete.

Web version

The Incognito app is currently the only interface for users to interact with the Incognito blockchain, the team will be building a web version to help increase accessibility. The estimated rollout for its first version (a.k.a a Web DEX) is April 29, 2022.

Privacy Improvements


Research on improving transaction verification performance by seeking Bulletproofs alternatives. Also, the team is also re-implementing the current Bulletproofs with a faster programming language (cgo) to see if it could help improve the Incognito privacy layer’s performance. ETA 18 April 2022

Transaction size

Reduce transactions’ size by implementing new methods for marshalling/unmarshalling transactions when storing in the database. ETA 18 March 2022

One Time Shielding Address for Bitcoin bridge

At the moment, shielding experiences the problem of address re-using. That is, the locking address for all shielding requests from the same user is the same. Fortunately, this problem can easily be solved by using one-time addresses.

Privacy Markets

Improvement for proving Incognito exchange assets ownership

Currently, the Incognito exchange is using an NFT token (access ticket term in the app) for a user to prove his/her ownership of an asset (added liquidity or placed limit order). Rather than using 1 token for each exchange’s asset that would need so many tokens when Incognito has more users, we will be using coins of the same token for that. Thereby, it will help mitigate overhead for blockchain, backend, and app processes.

Privacy Apps :desktop_computer:

pUniswap :uniswap:

The protocol and backend have both been completed already. The front end needs to be implemented and then it will be passed off to QC.

The estimated finish date would be March 9th, 2022.

pCurve :curve:

pCurve development will begin after pUniswap is passed off to the QC team.

The estimated finish date should be March 18th, 2022.

Bridges :bridge_at_night:

:polygon: Polygon <> :black_circle: Incognito Bridge

The Polygon bridge has been completed. :partying_face:
QC will check over everything prior to releasing it to the community.
The community post can be read here: Incognito - Polygon Bridge

:fantom: Fantom <> :black_circle: Incognito Bridge

Fantom bridge development has been completed.

Please refer to this detailed post for further information: The Incognito <> Fantom bridge

Unified privacy tokens :building_construction:

Supporting Unified privacy tokens is a very important focus of Incognito and will help to unify the same type of coin from various networks on Incognito (example: pETH, pWETH, peggedETH, etc). An in-depth post was made regarding it:
Unified Privacy Tokens and Interoperable Apps

As this is rather complex, the development window for researching, developing, coding, deploying, and testing bridge aggregators has been given 8 weeks and should wrap up around April 25th.


Fixed node dominance reduction

As previously mentioned, Incognito will increase the committee size, you can about the benefits here: Benefits of increasing committee size and answers to FAQ

The estimated rollout for this is March 18, 2022.

Blockchain storage reduction

The team was working on 3 different solutions for reducing blockchain storage:

  1. Removing beacon raw blocks, storing blocks in flat files, and optimizing empty block size.

  2. Using a batch commit mechanism for shard state data (it’s expected to reduce 50% shard state data size)

  3. Using optimized lite StateDB for shard state data (it’s expected to reduce 20% shard state data size)

The three above solutions are optional, a node may decide to run with an option it prefers with a tradeoff between data availability and storage size. Blockchain storage reduction would be a premise for block time reduction (so does decrease transaction latency). The ETA is March 31, 2022

Highway P2P PoC

Research has begun on allowing anyone to run a highway for Incognito to aid in decentralization.

After the research is complete we will move to the design & documentation phase followed by the PoC (Proof of Concept). Design & PoC is estimated to take ~8 weeks time and will begin at the start of March.

Incognito Growth :sunflower:

In this quarter, the team will be focusing on Privacy Markets and Privacy Apps for the growth side.

Privacy Markets

New Coins/Partnerships :star_struck:

First off, I would like to welcome two new coins to the Incognito platform, Diamonds Are Forever (DAF Token) and MyConstant Token (MCT). MyConstant is in discussion to hold an AMA and airdrop with the Incognito community, read about it here: [Rescheduled] MyConstant AMA - MCT Token

Next Coins :money_mouth_face:

We plan to add (and re-add) coins from the following projects. Incognito used to have a relationship with these projects so reapproaching to explore opportunities for increasing liquidity for their coins on Incognito exchange is prioritized. Also, cross-promotion activities with the teams are the next thing we want to do if possible.

  • :fantom: Fantom
  • :zilliqa: Zilliqa
  • :dash: Dash
  • :tomochain: TomoChain
  • :harmony: Harmony
  • :band: Band
  • :coin98: Coin98
  • :kyber: Kyber
  • :polygon: Polygon
  • :pancakeswap: Pancake

Privacy Apps

Apart from adding more coins and liquidity to Privacy Markets, we will also be approaching (by either contacting directly or applying for grants) dApps’ teams that we were building privacy versions for their dApps in order to look for ways to raise awareness for Incognito in their community.

P/S: we also updated these to the 2022 technical roadmap to make them consistent.

Thank you!


It’s quite an ambitious timeline to say the least. I’m suspect a couple of delays for certain parts but great to see the pipeline. Quite exciting stuff.

Stay classy San Diego :grin:


Holy Toledos!!!..that is quite an ambitious game plan…Impressive…look forward to seeing the developers, support staff, and the Incognito membership attain and complete these plans…will be exciting… :sunglasses: :wink: :partying_face: :100:


I have a question with the Pnode will we still get something for all transaction coins or just the privacy coin once everything is complete?

Sorry for the lengthy delay @Twan. pNodes (the same as vNodes) will still earn rewards in PRV.

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