Sunsetting Incognito

I feel sorry for you.

Any recommendations for those looking to close out? Most of my assets are currently in PRV- will any exchange value be provided at all for PRV? Or realistically, is it worthless at this point and only good for transferring assets to external wallets?

Sad to hear the news on this, thought Incognito would grow into a thriving service & community as time went on… regardless, I’ve enjoyed the ride. Thanks to the Incognito team for all of your hard work in keeping things running til now. Happy to receive any and all PRV you’re willing to send over lol, thanks again guys… please keep me in the loop re new projects:



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Could you help with the sell trade that are stuck in trade tab?
Also trying to transfer usdt but it says not sufficient prv to cover network fees ? Thanks!

Please PRV

@CryptoWizard @anonagain please create a support ticket and give us details of the issues you encountered, we will address them immediately.

@sid @yoo @Twan the trade tab will be re-enabled in a few hours.

@sid @LW_NCGO_696 please withdraw your funds in Provide. For deposits with term lock, we will be removing the terms so you can withdraw those as well.

@acidburn 100% withdrawals will be processed, if you have funds in Incognito, please withdraw prior to the sunset.

@sunshine007 @David_Mathys we will send you some PRV so you can create withdrawal transactions

@MarC the address you provide is invalid.

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How do we withdraw funds from nodes and unstake? I have 15 nodes with 1750 PRV per node but the power tab is disabled.

Sorry to hear, will crypto in provide be returned?

Yes please see the previous messages.


Also, I see the Power tab also disabled. So for those who have activate vNodes, how do we unstake them?

we will have app update to enable Power tab

Best privacy proj : Conceal Network (ccx).
I cannot recommend Secret Network or Oxen. Both have downsides that I do not accept. Secret does support smart contracts, but its encryption uses Intel prop extensions (dep on Intel hw).

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My Provide error has been resolved without support. Working now & withdrawing.

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I’m out of the loop regarding other platforms.
What recent events are you talking about?
What did exactly make you decide to sunset the project?

By the way, it’s unfortunate. I wish luck to all of you.

Hi there
How long do withdrawals from “Provide” to “wallet” take?

Why not make it full decentralized and remove the team as the “handlers” of the network instead of “sunsetting it”.

This is super disappointing


The race to access the remaining liquidity in the system is on. I wouldn’t be surprised if you never saw a withdrawal from provide at this point.

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Why is the project being shutdown?
Also any other recommendations of privacy project where we can run nodes other than the popular ones?

F@ck… Okay. Prob most gone…