How to withdraw your rewards and unstake post sunset

Hello fellow validators. Despite the value of PRV likely being 0 at this point, you earned (or paid for) those PRV tokens and you deserve them in your wallet prior to sunset.

To get your PRV tokens, you will need to install the incognito-cli:

To withdraw you tokens:

First get your account balance:

incognito-cli -c 1 -d 1 account balanceall -p $key

Then withdraw your rewards:

incognito-cli -c 1 -d 1 withdrawreward -p $key

To unstake:

incognito-cli -c 1 -d 1 unstake -p $key --mKey $mkey --canAddr $ckey

The $key is your funding/reward private key, the $mkey is your node validator key, and the $ckey is the Incognito payment address of your node. In most cases all keys will come from the same keychain, but if you have set up different mining keychains that all map to a single reward keychain you will have to adjust accordingly. If you receive rewards at your node address, you only need private key of the node, the mkey and ckey will be pulled from it.

In any case, if you are having issues, I will check back regularly over the next few days to try to help folks out.

EDIT 1: So just saw that all of my active node addresses are being hidden in the keychain view in the app, which seems quite malicious, hopefully this will get re-enabled, looking for backups now, but if you don’t have your validator/mkey or caddr addresses, I’m not sure the path forward, I’ll be looking for a solution.

EDIT 2: I had a backup of my keychain, and restored it, and now see all my node addresses in the app. I do not know if this was just a bug or something the devs did, let me know if you have similar issues.

EDIT 3: PRV is not worthless yet, the devs have left some liquidity in TRADE > SWAP. I just got 1.92 Dai for 283 PRV. Slippage was 93%, but we all know the price hasn’t been $0.1012 for a while now.


With one node unstaked, I got ~10 DAI for 1750 PRV @ 94% slippage. It’s a race to $0 and 100%!

If anyone needs any PRV for fun or other purposes, send me your address. First 15 people get 1 PRV.

The Power button is working again, so you can withdraw and unstake via the app again. Cheers to the devs for reversing their initial decision to lock folks out of Provide and Power.

Hihi, unstake will take quite some time right? Do you know roughly how long?

21 days

Once you initiate unstake, your node will need to reach committee, where it will work one last time, then unstake and return your stake. So the answer is, it depends on how many epochs your node has until committee.

I unstaked a node I had just staked like 2 days ago. I got ~50prv back. Is that because I still need to wait for it to reach commitee?

Yes, the 1750 PRV stake will not be returned until your node reaches committee.

Is it when they reach Committee or finish it? I had a node that was pending for 1 epoch when I unstaked it. It’s now in Committee for 7. Will it unstake after it finishes?

Yes it has reach the end of committee. It doesn’t have to do any work, could be offline etc.