Sunsetting Incognito

Someone mentioned Conceal Network. I just started looking into them. The Twitter account says created in June 2018.

EDIT: Nevermind, they are PoW not PoS.

I second this. Don’t know what it would take but my thoughts are that it would take too much effort on the current devs to implement a transition to fully decentralized. Not much is known how liquidity is provided, what services they are running, etc. In theory if folks keep running nodes the network will live on, but the devs could push a node update that could shut things down. I know there is a way to prevent nodes from auto updating, but I decided to unstake and liquidate my 16 nodes, so I didn’t look into it.


I believe we would also need highway nodes operating as well, I could be wrong though. I don’t recall if anyone ever got one running or not.

I’ve only been with you guys since May/2020, so about 4 years, But I have always enjoyed being a part of this project, especially that brief period when the token hit $3.50 :slight_smile:
Through everything, you guys were always quick to keep the train on it’s tracks, put out the fires, rebuild, and keep us growing. I wish the whole team the very best with their next endeavor and THANK YOU for the amazing support. Farewell Incognito.


And why even though $250M+ tokens shielded still shutting down the project?

I have purchased some PRV to be able to close the account, but my balance has not been updated in PRV.
You can help me?

It’s OK now

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Do you know of any that offer provide rewards or something like that?

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Hi all, I have been using incognito for a while now and I just opened up the app to this and its really sad to see but understandable.
I am experiencing an issue with my balances after sending a portion of my bitcoin to a self hosted wallet.
my balance was about .15 BTC and i unshielded .0011 to make sure it would work and get a sense for the delay. my balance changed to .1 and i dont think there was .05 in fees applied

i also am experiencing a balance issue with my XMR. i had 10.774 XMR and sent .774 w/fees
now it is showing my balance as .774 when it should at least be above 8 XMR. please advise if i can recover these funds or if i just need to wait for incognito to update the balance. (i dont think ive ever had to wait so long for the balance to update)
thank you!

Try this:

After a few minutes refresh the Wallet screen (drag down), if still not there try More - Settings - Clear Cached Balance. Still might take a minute, then refresh the Wallet again.

Hopefully that does it.


ok its all good now. thank you for the reassurance. i only had to wait a while. was about to clear cache but did one more refresh and voila! cheers!

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I can only send not receive from my wallets now :man_shrugging:t2:

One the one hand, this is very sad to hear - it’s been a great protocol for personal privacy.

On the other hand, there were a lot of bugs with balances not showing etc and things always seemed a bit half baked. The fact you can only get full access via a mobile app as one example. Mobile apps aren’t super privacy focused which goes against the core ethos here. So it’s not that much of a surprise it’s being shut down.

It’s also sad to see we live in times where anything privacy related is automatically assumed to be shady business. The attack on privacy is real and it’s unfortunately the reality we live in. Another one bites the dust.

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Just for others to know - I had issues unshielding / withdrawing. I would unshield a small amount, then the entire balance went to zero. On another wallet the entire wallet balance went to zero. It stayed this way for over an hour, which was quite worrysome. Tried all sorts to refresh, clear cache, but nothing worked.

Then by magic, after more than an hour everything showed up again and I could withdraw / unshield no problems.

So if you have this issue you might just need to wait.

hi. what is the situation with provided/staked BTC? …how long does it take to withdraw? thanks

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FWIW… Some others I have come across aside from Scrt and Oxen:

Railgun (obviously)
Firn Protocol - ZK knowledge proofs
Basic swap dex - Swap to monero, no GUI
Atomic swaps - swap to monero
Iluminex - not really sure
Darkfi - not really sure, think you need to run code on your own computer and is similar to atomic swaps

  • Disclaimer, I have used none of these, and this is not an endorsement for any of them other than I have come across them and they could be of interest.

7 days

Do you know if any offer a provide feature with rewards for various cryptos like incognito did?

Nope, not really. Don’t know much about these protocols other than they have some kind of privacy focused feature.

In saying that… Maybe illuminex? Provide liquidity for fees?