Slashing is LIVE! 🚨

Attention all node operators! :warning: :rotating_light:

Slashing is now live on Mainnet. Please make sure all nodes (pNodes & vNodes) remain plugged in :electric_plug: and connected to the internet 24/7 :globe_with_meridians:. If your node is offline while in committee your node will be slashed.

What does slashing mean? Your node will no longer be allowed to participate in earning and your stake of 1750 PRV will be returned to you.

Read the official slashing announcement release here:

Read the FAQ regarding slashing/re-staking:

If you have any questions please post them below or reach out to the @support account.


My vnode shows as waiting in the app but nothing shows up in the node monitor in the app. I’m hoping this is a temporary bug introduced in the node monitor. I tried going to the node monitor website and entered my node name and public validator key but this also didn’t work. I know my node is online and was also close to being selected for committee, but now I’m worried about getting slashed and not being able to monitor.

EDIT: node monitor is now working for me again. 2 epochs to go.

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I had to restart my vNodes as they were stalling. How much time (epocs) would they take to sync from scratch?

Hello @taruneldho,

It is not recommended to delete all data. You can instead stop the docker container, delete the stalling shard / beacon data and then resume again.

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Do you have a rough estimate of the time taken?

That’s hard to say as it depends on numerous individual factors. Things like your internet speed (download), the speed of the harddrive (ssd, nvme, etc), whether your node is connected via ethernet or Wi-Fi, how the hdd is connected, etc.

What I can tell you is my beacon data folder is currently fully synced and showing 26.3 GiB and on average my shard data folders are showing just under 15 GiB each.

For confirmation, I want to ask this. All the nodes below will be slashed “2” epochs later, won’t they? And then their rewards will be distributed to the other validators in the corresponding shard, won’t they?

I got the screenshot from just now.


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Yes @abduraman, that is correct. I am already seeing my nodes in committee exiting committee with extra rewards.

It is unfortunate for the nodes that are being slashed, however, I feel we have given everyone ample amount of time to get their node(s) online.

I would also like to point out that majority of crypto coins that have slashing on their network do not return the original stake, Incognito does.

Edit 1: Within 57 epochs that list red-list / Inactive Nodes should be 0. Except of course if more nodes run into issues / go offline.

Edit 2: If a community funded pNode is slashed and has never been self-funded then Incognito will re-stake with community funded option.


The bigger question I have is that, will the node be slashed, if its syncing?

I lost internet yesterday and had to reboot my server. 3 of my nodes were unstaked(slashed), however, the 1750 PRV is not back in my Account. Is there a delay in receiving the stake when you are slashed?

Nevermind, I figured it out. they were returned as v1 coins and have to be converted to v2


I’m going to say short answer, yes.

The long answer would be it depends on where your node is in syncing with the network. If your node is able to validate blocks during its time in committee then it will not be slashed. Nodes need to achieve a vote above 50 to not be slashed.

In roughly a week from now, when Staking Flow v3 is released, this will change. After SFv3 is released nodes not fully synced will wait in a sync phase until they are caught up.


Hi, My Node shows offline on the monitor as well. I have checked it a few times today and there is no change.
Here is a screenshot from my phone showing that the Node is online
I have also tried powering off and the powering it on. No luck.

In an effort to not derail this thread please message the @Support account and I can help you diagnose your node further.

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@Jared…thank you bro for this posting and the help you are giving the community…:sunglasses: :100: :+1:


Totally missed this memo and my pNode got slashed. It always showed up “Online” in the app and I received rewards regularly though not too frequently. Turns out it had a stalled beacon. I have gone through the troubleshooting steps. Deleted not just the beacon but all shards too for good measure.

How may I get the node back on the network? It was always publicly staked. Never privately funded. Would love to continue doing my small part in support of this project and community.

Hello @ynworld,

Please send a message to the @Support account with the following information:

QR Code
Validator Key
(you can find this information on the pNode dashboard)

Once your pNode is back to latest as Sync State it will be eligible to be readded to the re-stake queue.

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Once again it is Super @Jared to the rescue…hehehehe… :smirk: …thanks bro once again for helping all us pnode owners with the slashing thing…it really is a good thing you do…thanks…oh and yes…a big thanks to @Support team for their work and assistance… :+1: :100: :sunglasses:


@Support , one of my pnodes got slashed, but it’s been an active node for about a year and a half.
Support has helped me to get this node back online in the past because i lost my wallet and had to setup a new one, but Peter and Khanh Le have both helped me with this node in the past. How do I get it unslashed so it resumes production?
Apparently there are 2 keys attached to it because of the wallet reset so it doesn’t show on the app monitor correctly, is it possible the automated slash looked at the wrong key for this one?


Please read over the following FAQ & guide and then send a message to the support account directly so we can better assist you.

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